7 Reasons why Live-in is better than Marriage

Many people ask me a question, “Are you already married to the guy you are dating?” first of all, just because I have my relationship status as ‘Unavailable’ doesn’t mean I am marrying my boyfriend. I have a boyfriend and dating doesn’t mean marriage, does it? There’s a possibility that many people date a certain person with the intention of getting married. Marriage isn’t a bad thing, but I find it much more of a commitment… I love marriage and would want to get married, later, someday… but for now I am really happy in just dating and also not sharing my bed with a guy.

Live-in relationships on the other hand are a little more liberal. According to me, live-in relationships are better than getting married. Rather a couple should be living in together before getting married to know if they can survive with each other for a year or no, if not then what’s the point of getting married with that guy. Many people might call this act an act of disgrace. As per the Indian standards it could be disgrace but as they say my life, my choice!

  1. Freedom

There’s a certain freedom and independence when in a live-in relationship, especially for women. There are no set rules for women like it’s in a marriage. She can wear what she wants to, eat and cook as per her convenience.

  1. Financial Freedom

Apart from living in freedom, there’s financial freedom too. This applies for both men and women. A married couple usually share their earnings in order to run the household. However, a live-in couple never have to give explanations for the money spent on as long as the necessities and bills of the house are taken care of.

  1. Free of different names apart from your own first name

A couple when in a live-in relationship is not named as a husband, wife, daughter-in-law, son-in-law, brother-in-law and etc., isn’t that the best thing? You will still be addressed only by your first name or the nickname your partner has given you.

  1. No stress on giving a kid

A live-in couple is not expected to give a kid immediately after they move in. In fact, they don’t have to have a kid unless they want. However, a married couple have the societal pressure of having kids as soon as they get married.

  1. No commitment

Liberty to not stay committed. Getting married means get committed to the spouse and his or her families. A live-in couple, are committed but not completely. At least they are not committed to the families of the partner.

  1. No societal responsibility

A live-in couple need not give a name to their relationship. They just need to rent a house, decorate it, decide who’s going to pay for what, and start living in. They don’t have to book a hall for the wedding, take a loan to feed the guest with the food that people won’t like, look like red riding hood and pose for meaningless photographs.

  1. Easy get away (Break up)

Break up for a married couple means family crying, kids crying, lawyer’s expenses, distribution of property, monthly alimony, etc. However, a live-in couple breaking up means just a break up. Tears might be involved but not a scar for a life time in the heart. No lawyers or counselors. No family pressure of not leaving the partner.

These were the 7 things that made me think that live-in relationships are better than getting married, even in India. If you think otherwise, please let me know in the comment below. If you agree with me let me know a few more things I could have added. Like this post and share it if you honestly liked it.

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2 thoughts on “7 Reasons why Live-in is better than Marriage

  1. ashmita…not only you are getting better at blogging but also showcasing truth about what’s really going on in Indian social culture. I see where you are going with this and I hope these changes are acknowledged openly by everyone rather than “behind the screen”. And I agree with you on every point. Only one thing matters when you are going to have a partner i.e. If you can be a good roommate/flatmate (cut out the sex part) then nothing else will put harm in both of your lives.
    One more star to this post is: growing number of live-in relationship doesn’t indicate decrement of our moral values, rather it indicates that Men have behaved properly and Women have acknowledged the effort. It’s just another phase before marriage. And why should one hurry for having kids!!
    Plus, I still love my comfy king size bed. Whether single or double sized, I alone had lots of comfy beds since class 4!! (*looks at my bed)…nope future partner(whoever is out there), you gotta bring your own bed unless you wanna attend my karate kick classes during sleep…jk 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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