Are you loving yourself enough?

Most of us have these check points that we look for in a life partner.  I remember I had a list of more than 20 things and later I kept on reducing it to increase the chances of meeting someone.  Right now the only checkpoint I have is ‘the one who keeps me Happy’…  Is that a lot to ask for?

Generation these days,  has changed tremendously.  We look for happiness from others.  We expect others to keep us happy.  However,  in the search of someone who can give us happiness,  we forget that we ourselves can give happiness to ourself. 

People say,  if one cannot find happiness in themselves,  they will never be happy with  anyone else.  So what’s the point of a life partner who can keep us happy?

Why are we guys craving so much for a perfect relationship?  Is it the rom-coms or fairy tale that forces us to look for the ‘perfect guy’ or ‘perfect girl’. 

We all love ourselves,  but still we give more rights to other people to show us what we are and how lovable we are.  In this process,  we only tend to get dependent on other people and  forget the fact why we love ourselves!

I know this post is complicated and a little distorted but that’s the chaos all about in the generation today.

More than how much I love myself,  what matters is how much he or she loves me…? 

More than what career we want to be in we fall into the career what the society thinks will be the best for us. 

How should I live my life?  This question is answered by every other person expect for ourselves. 

What makes me happy?  This question is already answered by half the people we know.  And for them our happiness lies in  them!

It’s time for a change.  It’s time to tell the people that more than them,  we love ourself.  It’s time to tell people around us that we are the prime reason for our own happiness. 

Moreover,  it is us who needs to realize and act on the fact that we need to love ourself more than we love others and want others to love us…  Yes,  some people might call it being SELFISH…  But haven’t we been generous enough all this while…???

On that note,  I am going to doze off and sleep for a while.  And you guys,  start loving yourself. Not illusionary,  but literally!

Ask yourself a question : do you love yourself enough?  And give an honest answer to yourself…!  You will know what you need to. 

Keep Reading!  Keep Blogging!  Love yourself more and more and more…!



2 thoughts on “Are you loving yourself enough?

  1. whenever you post something like this…these were like turning points for me. i chose to live by myself and i feel quite free and happy. but people like you, me and others(i came across) we are humans…but bit rational ones. everyone has their own fire that drives them towards dreams.

    This fire can be “love”, rich, status quo, most delicious food, TV series, actors, movies, internet, latest smartphone or a mere selfie. there can never be a void in remove love from fire, something else becomes the fire. and i think you are reaching a point where you have replaced all these things with yourself. you are your own motivation!! keep it up and lighting forever.

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