7 things that make me happy instantly

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Human beings love being unhappy. It is like our favorite hobby to be unhappy and crib about everything. But honestly, how much does it take to be happy. Not much? Sadly, it is really a task to be happy with so much of stress and heartbreaks all over.

Life is really too short to cry over things and keep a certain things close to yourself. For me initially, change used to bring me happiness but these days change is not bringing any happiness to me. It is not that things have changed or I have changed it is just that I have stopped doing things to keep myself happy.

Here are 7 things that make me happy instantly, but I have stopped doing them and maybe will start doing them once again. These things aren’t too extravagant or massive – they are literally little things that make me happy:

  1. Cutting Chai (Tea): I have tea everyday at home and I like it. But initially, I used to have cutting chai from the tea stalls, from the place where we usually see guys smoking cigarettes and the place where the society says – ‘Girls are not supposed to stand and have tea here’ Yeah exactly, I used to love having my cuppa-tea from a ‘chai tapri’ (Roadside Tea Stalls). I used to love standing there and having tea without being concerned about the fact that what would people think of me. I used to simply love the taste of the tea and cherish it. And yes this made me so happy.
  1. Reading Novels: Reading makes me happy as a small kid loves playing in the garden. I used to love reading novels – let that be a mystery novel or an erotica. Reading used to be on my daily to do task no matter how tired I was. But lately, I have stopped reading. Believe me or no but it makes me sad that I am not reading anymore. But I intend to read a lot from today onwards.
  1. Cooking: There was a time when I used to be called as the best unconventional cook in my family. I used to make absolutely anything amazing out of anything available at home. God knows what struck me and I stopped going to the kitchen. It used to make me so happy to cook, taste and then feed my mom and bhai and then get praises from them.
  1. Watching movies: I was such a movie freak that I used to go for movies every Friday with my best friend ‘S’ when we were in college. Also after that, I used to watch movies EVERY DAY at home without fail. But now-a-days I am just being opposite of that.
  1. Sleeping (well): I sleep even now, but unlike those days from the past where I was being called the KumbhaKarana. I used to sleep like a dead person and people used to tease me for that. These days, sleep has just become a necessity. If I get at least 4 hours of sleep these days, it is like heaven. But honestly, I want to sleep for 14 hours at a stretch, yet again.
  1. Clicking Selfies (A lot): People who know me well know that I used to be the Selfie Queen. I used to love myself so much that I used to click everyday and post at least 5 pictures every day. Now-a-days I click sometimes and post just 1 or 2 in a week or sometimes in a month.
  1. Blogging: But of course I love my blog more than anything else. And I stopped blogging which made me sad. Today I am very happy because I blogged not one but two posts. Blogging brings out the best in me. It makes me happy in many ways.

These are the 7 things that make me happy instantly. I would love to know yours too. Write them on the comments below. And if you love this post share it and Like it.

What better than Pharrell Williams’ Happy…!!!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!

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3 thoughts on “7 things that make me happy instantly

  1. delhi, kolkata, mumbai – these were 2 day visits for me. but i have lived in bangalore. usually chai tapri thing gets out of habit, coz ppl get accustomed to cafe and smoking lounge in office or terrace. Only handsful of ppl still continue the old habit of living in college campus. “chai tapri” gossip or solo…and a samosa..even for 10 minutes its a blissful break from daily life… 🙂
    i know how hard it’s to change mom. but if mom isn’t status quo-conscious then just go to ur favorite shop..bindaas 😀

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