7 Reasons You Should Have Kids

I have done no master in raising a kid. And this post isn’t something coming from an expert. This is simply my thoughts about kids and 7 reasons to have one.

  1. Management Skills – Practiced and Mastered

I have seen my mother for the last 25 years and I know she has mastered the art of raising kids, not one but two. I am very well aware of the fact – how difficult it would be for her to raise us. Having a kid certainly makes you practice management skills to the perfection. Who can handle two kids along with a full-time government job, cooking and watching the daily soap opera? A single mother can. My mother did. Having a kid certainly makes you more organized. I am sure even a girl like me would (could) become organized if in an influence of a baby.

  1. Multi- Tasking

As an unmarried girl, multi-tasking limits to – phone, boyfriend, family, more phone, work, blog, TV/Movies. But if the same girl is now raising a kid the task increases. We women are very well known for our multi-tasking. You know why do we have a curve on our waist…? So that we can cook with our right hand and hold the kid with the support of our left hand on our left waist. A kid certainly helps us master the art of Multi-Tasking.

  1. Full-Time Entertainment

I have a nephew who is a total entertainer. Having a kid in the house means a day with no boredom. I have experienced it and I love it. They dance on vague music. They talk things we are not sure of what they mean. God have made the concept of kids to make adults laugh. Honestly. Thank you God!

  1. Future Planner

A kid in the house makes the parents good with savings. You tend to start making future plans & investments. Parents tend to start saving more for their kid’s future. Parents start looking for a bigger space where they can accommodate their ‘New’ Family. Kids help you save money.

  1. Flexibility

If there’s a kid in the house, your own kid – getting up without an alarm is so easy. The weird timings of a kid keep you on your toes. You become more flexible in making plans like – grandparent’s house visit, circus, many more. Having a kid will never give you a dull day; they will make sure you are always on your steering wheel.

  1. Become Healthier

Doing squats with your kid, pick them up, put them down, run the house with them on your waist – all these physical activities will keep the muscles toned for you and save the money you were planning to put into the gym before this little kiddo came in your life. Told you, kids help you save money.

  1. Wiser

To keep up with the school books these days, a parent has to be wise and should know all the things that the teacher will teach in school. You will have to be updated with all the current events so that your kid is wiser like you. Rather you like your kid.

I know these mustn’t be accurate, but again I haven’t mastered the art of raising a kid.

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