Happy Birthday!!!

It is my best friend’s birthday today and I am so happy. It is not only her birthday but also Our 10 years of Togetherness.  I have been not blogging for a while and a lot of things are pending.  It is mere stress. But today is the day to Keep Calm because it is my besties BIRTHDAYYYY.

She has been my support in good and bad times. She has been my partner in crime. She has made sure; she will kick the ‘behind’ of someone who has been mean to me.  She has made sure she will be there when I need to cry and she also makes sure she is coming to me first, when she feels like crying.

She is the prettiest of all and the skinniest Bengali I have ever seen. But still she is my best friend, soul-mate, soul-sister, and my life.

We were meant to be friends forever.  The Universe has written our destiny together.

Today I wish her a Happy 25th Birthday. May God bless you with all the happiness in the world. And come what may, we are not going away from each other.

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