I know!  I haven’t been writing for the past two weeks.  There are no reasons,  it is just that the Mumbai summer has struck me so bad that,  apart from cribbing about it,  I ain’t doing anything else on the weekend. 

I haven’t been doing any activity.  In fact,  I am unable to think as to what to write.  But i am planning to resume back in a week or so  once the summer goes and monsoon comes. 

By the way,  today is the birthday of the guy about whom I have been writing for one year… 
Wishing Confused Soul a great and awesome birthday.  I am not spending the birthday with him as I am working and he is ill.  But I am praying for his speedy recovery. 

Also,  since quite some time i have been really slow with the selfie… So here are some I took recently….




Keep reading!  Keep blogging!  Keep loving! 


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