Two Short Stories

It has been long since I have narrated a story. I am good at that. I am good at making up things. Here are two short stories these are the Tale of 2 Cities.


She dreamed of running away. She dreamed of being a dancer. She dreamed of earning lots of money. She dreamed of being independent. She dreamed of falling in love with someone she loved. She dreamed of many things. Shyama was going to get married to the man her family chose in a few days. She met him few days after her break up with Aditya. Aditya was a Kabaddi player and also a flirt. He loved Shyama and many more girls. He was addicted to girls. He had a problem and he wasn’t aware of it. Shyama was in love for the first time. She knew he was a flirt, but she still fell in love with him. She knew this would not be permanent but she hoped for things to get better.

A week before the break up, Aditya broke up with all the girls he was with. He was going to propose to Shyama. He had gone to play his Kabaddi tournament to Indore. He had bought the ring, booked their favorite restaurant and also bought the dress she wanted to buy since quite some time. He was all set to surprise her.

Shyama was in Mumbai, preparing for the Break up speech. Her friends and well wishers wanted her to leave him as he was a guy with too many baggages. She loved him but she wanted to help Aditya by taking herself out of the equation. She wrote a small speech and was crying while reading it out loud in her room. Aditya called her before the tournament. Aditya said, “Hello baby”. Shyama controlled her tears and spoke to him the way they always did.

Aditya won the tournament and was all set to come to Mumbai. Aditya met with an accident on his way to the airport. The doctors told him and the coach that Aditya won’t be able to father a child. Aditya was shattered and decided to break up with all the girls including Shyama, as he didn’t want to spoil the life of any girl. There Shyama was totally unaware of this situation and waited for Aditya to call him. Aditya called Shyama and told him that he has a surprise for her. Shyama told him that even she has a surprise for him. They met at the restaurant Aditya had booked. He gave her the dress but not the ring and said, “Shyama, I loved you along with all of them. You were always well aware of it. I am going to be like this forever. I can’t be dedicated to one woman ever. But you are a very sweet girl. You need to move on. I wish you luck.” Shyama was sitting there and cried. She had thought of the same thing, right?  Aditya left from there and booked a cab for Shyama.

Shyama went home and told her parents that she and Aditya have broken up and she wants to get hitched. She was 24 and wanted to get married, burying all her dreams deep down. She met a guy, things were planned and there she was sitting selecting the wedding sari.

It was 7th of May and Shyama eloped. In a few days she was going to get hitched. But she eloped. She eloped not because she loved Aditya, but because she wanted to achieve her dreams. She wanted to dance, earn money. She wrote a letter for her family and clearly stated her desires to be independent. She said she will be in Indore. She went there as it was the place that made Aditya makeup his mind.

7 years passed and Shyama was a known name in the whole of Madhya Pradesh for her dance. She had a son. She had reunited with her family and was happy in her life. She hadn’t married. She realized when she eloped that she was pregnant with the baby of Aditya. She didn’t want to tell Aditya about it. And complicate his life. Aditya saw Shyama with her son once in Indore, when he was there for a sports conference, but he was happy to see that Shyama was married and had a son.

Shyama on the other hand was happy to see Aditya being so famous; she looked at the sports section everyday of the newspaper just to see him. They both were unaware of the truth and were successful in their own lives. One day, Shyama’s son, Atharva was sick and doctors told her he has lost lots of blood and needs the blood that matched his DNA. Shyama had no option but to get in touch with Aditya.

Aditya was there in Indore in a few hours and confronted Shyama as to why did she hide the fact about their kid. Why did she not tell him about Atharva? Shyama was in tears and begged Aditya to save their kid. Aditya in tears hugged Shyama and told her the truth about him leaving her.

As they say all’s well that ends well. Atharva was out of ICU and was out of danger. They lived happily ever after.


Maya was quite a rebel. She always wanted to be a writer. She lived in a house with her mom and brother. She was in a relationship with a guy for 2 years now. Her family and friends were quite reluctant about Maya and Siddhartha’s relationship. Sid was a lot into greens. Her friends and family were concerned about her future.

Maya was quite a bold writer. She used to blog on some topics that was considered as too bold by the world. Maya worked as a Team Leader and always wanted to be an award winning writer. She didn’t know what will this dream cost her. She had too many people in her life advising her on the relationship front. Then she had too many people advising her on her family problems. Again she had too many advising her on her career. She was quite frustrated with all of this.

Maya had taken the most difficult step of her life. She decided to move to Pune. She got a writing assignment there. She left her well established career in Mumbai. She left her family, friends and her guy in Mumbai and moved. Maya used to travel once in two weeks to Mumbai to meet her family and friends. Sid had eventually moved in with Maya in Pune.

Maya had quite the lifestyle she wanted. She also started writing her book. Things were pretty much going her way until the day Sid said that he will be moving out and going back to Mumbai. He took the decision to be with his mom. They had a mutual understanding and he moved out. They loved each other but Maya wasn’t quite comfortable with the long distance relationship. So Maya had initiated a break up that Sid didn’t agree to. They were still meeting every alternative weekend.

Maya finally completed her first book and the company where she was working as a local writer decided to publish her book on a small scale. Maya and her family and friends were very happy after looking at Maya’s success. On 7th May, Sid proposed to Maya for marriage to which she said, “Baby, I don’t want to get married. Not to you, not to anyone.” They never met again post that.

Maya gained too much of success, but she missed Sid a lot. She missed the love he used to provide. It had been months, since Maya and Sid were apart. One Sunday, she got a call from Sid. HE said he lost her mother and all he has now is her. Maya went to Mumbai and was so happy to see Sid. They reunited and decided to get married. On the wedding day, Maya was waiting for Sid and Sid didn’t turn up. Maya cried and left for Pune a week later after she heard nothing from Sid.

It had been 7 years; Maya was unmarried and had adopted a girl named her SIddhi. She was a famous writer in Pune. She also opened a school. She always wondered where Sid was. One day she met a friend of Sid’s and asked him about Sid’s whereabouts. HE took her to a place near to Mumbai. Sid was there in a cottage sitting on a wheelchair, with her book in his hand. He tried to hide his face from Maya. Sid had met with an accident while he was on his way to the Court. And his feet were paralyzed. Maya cried a lot. And yelled at him and told him why he couldn’t just tell her once. She asked Sid, how he managed the financial expenses. HE said he had a lady who took care of her for a few months. She was a widow and had a daughter. But one day, she died and Sid’s friend put the girl in an adoption center as Sid was incapable of taking care of the girl and himself.

No one knows where the small girl is, it could be the girl whom Maya adopted. It could be any girl. Maya married Sid and took care of him in Pune. They didn’t have kids of their own but they adopted another girl. They also funded a lot of girls with their education and marriage.

They lived happily ever after.

Well these stories were different the usual ones. Not much of intimacy. But the characters in these stories are really very close to me. The stories are made up but the characters are too close.

I am sorry yet again for not posting it on Saturday.

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Keep Loving!


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