Reaction on the Bad girl Post

Controversies are not only a part of Bollywood after the Salman Khan Verdict and the imprisonment for Five Years been suspended but also a part of a Bold Blogger’s Life. After the post “Who is a Bad Girl???” I have seen too many tears in the mirror, heard too many bad things about my writings and had amazing arguments about the blog post.

Was the post on society or was it about the society? Was it a made up thing? Was it the reality? Why did it hurt so many sentiments? Was it a bad piece of writing? Was it just a random post?

The post was certainly not a random one. It was for all those people who took an offence in it. If anyone out there reading it felt or thought it was too BOLD or too CHEAP, well then you are one of those people whom I am referring to!

There were 3 Reactions that affected me a lot:

  1. Negative Reaction from elderly people:

“It is too BOLD. Why do you have to blog such things with full of vulgarity? What so you think you are a renowned writer or newsman who can write anything they want to?” Also some said, “You know posting such things on Facebook and Twitter might have a bad influence on younger people. Your cousins are in school yet. It is not a very good content for them to refer to.”

My Reaction to this category: First of all, congratulations you’ll have got yourselves seated in this category which is on the top of my list! Bravo! Secondly, any newsman or author or writer or blogger would have been criticized on such a Realistic topic if they got it published! Lastly, if a school going cousin is below the age of 13 and is on Facebook reading my post, then aunty better go and bash your child. Because I don’t think below 13 is legal to have a Facebook account. And if the cousin is above 13, but still in school I don’t think it is very appropriate for them to have a Facebook account; as social media is very open and BOLD!

  1. Negative Reaction from same aged people:

“Are you crazy? What things do you post and write? These things will make a wrong impression of you in the public. I used to read your blog earlier but now on I won’t. Because I don’t liked your this post.”

My Reaction to this category: Well! Well! Well! You read it? You got offended? You think my creation is crap!?! Do you have a creation of your own? Do you have 100+ followers on you Facebook page? Do you have 500+ followers on your WordPress…?  Do you even know the ‘B’ of Blogging? I am sure you don’t. So it is the best if you let me do what I am best in. and you do what you are best in. Rollin’

  1. Positive Reaction:

“Woww! She has some guts to post such a thing.” Or “Hey that was pretty cool! I could relate to that totally!” and the best one “Bang on Target!”

My Reaction to this category: I love you all. 🙂

Every person has their own opinion on few things. Some may support Salman and some may oppose him. Will Salman Khan stop doing what he keeps on doing…? It is best when you ignore the things you don’t like rather than upsetting someone with a few harsh words. Actually no! Bring it on! Because I love criticism! That helps me post another post like these and that increases the subscribers on my blog! So bring it on haters!

Also to all the readers, I do apologize for posting this one late. It is Sunday in India. I was just too busy the whole week. I was sleeping and going to work and sleeping again. And Saturday I was just out the whole day. Finally found some alone time to post this one.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving Yourself! Keep Hating Me!

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