Good Old Days: The Barter System

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Did the Title of the Post remind you of school? Do you remember the old Indian Traditions as per the History textbooks in Fifth Grade, where they said before money came into existence, we had the Barter System where the exchange of goods or services were done? People used to sell their buffalo, cows or some animal to get rice for the family.

Frankly, I never thought anything from school would ever come to use EVER! I was wrong. The Barter System did. The previous post had created quite some ruckus in the surroundings and I had decided to blog about a Reaction on the previous post. But that would have been a harsh one again! And I didn’t want to start my week on a harsh note. I was browsing the net on what to blog about and just came across this concept.

 July 8

If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

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I ain’t a person who goes by the rules. I just picked up a random date and saw the topic and decided to write.

Barter system!!!

If the world worked on a barter system, it would have been fun. Imagine, there would’ve been minimum violence at least not for money. The beggars on the roads could have reduced. Maybe!

I have no special skills that would be used in the barter system. But imagine, if I would’ve been the one who would write anything for anyone instead of goods. If there’s a guy who wants a poetic love letter for his girlfriend, I could write it for him, in return, an earphone he is using would be cool!

Writing is the only skill I have. It is the only talent I have. If I have to survive the world with no money, I would be one of those writers who spend their years in a small cottage. The only difference would have been that those writers were famous and I may not be that famous.  Not after living in a small cottage. Because the only media I have to publish my writing is my blog! No Money, no internet, no blog. Maybe I could just write ads for the Internet Houses and in return they could let me use internet.

Frankly, the idea seems fascinating to me. But in reality I would’ve been a sheer loser. I would’ve struggled more than anyone could. With just one talent surviving is quite some struggle. But don’t you think one piece of article could also give me life supply of food?

Well I am not sure, if the barter system seems like a cool idea or no. But I am sure, if it comes into existence, yet again – I would have written too many things for people. Maybe an application, a letter, a story, an advertisement etc.

People learn to survive in hardships. That’s what makes us an animal with two legs!

-Ashmita Chatterjee, Owner of Chaotic Soul

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