Chaotic Thought: Just you! Selfish or no?


In the world we are living today, being with your self is very necessary. We are the perfect daughters at home, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect employee and so many other perfect things. We tend to have so much of perfection that even Amir Khan would feel ashamed after looking at our perfection (Just Kidding, Mr. Amir Khan! I like you). We wear those jeans, though we would love to have a day in a pyjama. We love applying the kaajal but we would love to skip the makeup once. I am not sure if it is only me or there are other women out there who for once wish they were all alone an entire day. Who wouldn’t want to sleep with no alarms, no one to wake you up, and no one to call you on your phone…? I would want a day as such every month for the rest of my life.

The feeling of being with yourself is serene. Though I love my family, friends, work and boyfriend, but still once a month I do deserve a ‘me time’, wholly and totally. What shall I do on those days is completely undecided. I might spend the entire 24 hours sleeping. I might just end up being a complete movie buff and watch movies back to back. I might be a foodie and order the best food in town. I might go to see a new place all by myself. I might cry the whole day. I might lie down with a book and finish it off in a day. I might just be a dirty girl and spend the day in my house without showering and watching random things on TV.

Every guy has a boy’s night out and so do girls. But we rarely have a home alone thing planned for us. The society might think it is kind of selfish to just have an entire day to yourself with no family. In that case, I am a selfish person. I will spend money to be without people around me.

Is it actually being selfish to want to spend the day with myself?

Personally, I feel it will be selfish of people who are against this beautiful thing. We aren’t cheating, we aren’t leaving our house forever, and we aren’t off the social life for a lifetime. It is just a day.

To experiment the same, I will be doing a home alone event for myself. However, I can’t get the home to myself, but I might just book a room for myself and spend the day doing whatever I want to do. Can we all try that at some time – Giving ourselves the time?

I am going to try that and blog about my experience. If any one of you have tried that already do let me know in the comment.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving!

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