How to avoid an Arrange Marriage?

If you are in your twenties you may have come across a situation where you’ll were asked about getting married. If no, you are lucky! Well I have met quite some boys till now who my family and relatives think are an ideal match for me – Seven to be precise. How can I have seven ideal matches? What am I? Miss India? Miss Universe? Miss World? Miss Asia Pacific? Miss Something very good like a superstar?

But as every Indian is known to have some jugaad (hacks) for every situation, I am no different. Here are seven ideas to avoid an arranged marriage.

  1. Education:

My family is a very study loving set of people. And education has saved me a lot. I am getting my PGDM only because I am avoiding getting hitched with someone. After PGDM it is going to be MA in English Literature and then maybe Diploma in Creative Writing! Telling your parents that you want to study further and more will always save you from getting hitched. (SMART PANTS)

  1. Job/Career/Promotion:

If your family is one of those well read bunch of people and believe in marriage as well as career. This trick will work. Always tell them you need to be the ‘Guru’ of your field only after that you can even ‘THINK’ of getting married. Telling them that a promotion is due and marriage will mean – Leaves, Personal Commitments and putting on weight… which are unacceptable for you at the peak of your career.

  1. Desire:

Every person has one thing or desire that they want to complete before they get hitched. I have kept a very simple desire in front of my family. I will get married when I have a manager’s title.

  1. Milestone:

I will marry when I am 27, is what I told my mother when I was 18. And now that has changed to, I will marry when I am 30+. Keeping a milestone will give a satisfaction to our parents that we will, later but eventually we will get hitched.

  1. Love:

If you already love someone, just say it and you will not be forced to get into an arranged matrimony, unless there has to be some bollywood drama in your life. I am sure my mom will be the Amrish Puri of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (If someone has not seen the movie yet, I am adding a video from the video at the end of the post).

  1. Rebel:

Doing all the drama like not eating food, acting weird in front of the guy who comes to meet you and locking yourself in the room, should give a clear message to your family that how childish their child is and is yet not ready to get hitched.

  1. Politely say No:

This is my favourite way to avoid the arrange marriage drama. I have made sure no one asks me to get hitched in an arranged matrimony. I have clearly said I am not getting married unless I am ready, ready in all sort of ways. It is very essential for us to say No when we want to. Getting married isn’t a small deal, is it? If I marry someone I am completely unaware of, I might just ruin not only his but also my life.

Well these are the seven wise things to do to avoid an arranged marriage. If you liked the blog post, do comment and let me know. Please subscribe to my blog and like the post.

Here’s the epic scene from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, where he asks his daughter, Kajol to live her life.

Source: YouTube

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