7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night

Have you ever been in a situation where you think of all the wrong decisions you have take in your life and imagined your life much better than it is now? Have you ever thought yourself five years from now and seen yourself in your old jeans and old dresses and how you fit well in them? Well I have seen all of these when I try to sleep in the night. My head thinks of all these things and more when I am trying to sleep at night.

There are these species of people who tend to sleep better in day and work amazingly at night. I am a member of this species. Our species are not going to extinct so soon, in fact we have just started to see an increase in number. Hooorraaayyy!

Here are 7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night:

  1. Bad decisions: My decisions have been very bad in life. Some have been worse. And every time I try to sleep at Night, I tend to start counting them and then realise what a nut case I am. And by the time I am done evaluating the same, it is morning and then I can peacefully sleep.
  1. Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi at my place is amazing at night. It is some Night plan that my brother has opted for which works perfectly fine for me. Watching videos on YouTube or, writing a post and browsing the Net are all good at night. So the possibility of me sleeping at the cost of not using the Wi-Fi is very low.
  1. Future Planning: My future is the most interesting thing according to me. I keep imagining it from time to time with different clothes, bags and shoes. Night being so peaceful and the only time when I can get some alone time it is perfect to do some future planning at this hour. So I cannot waste my future for a damn sleep of 8 hours in the night, right?
  1. Writing Time: Days are chaotic at my place, the heat is too much, TV is on, on the weekends and I need to keep changing rooms to get some privacy to write. However, at night, I get to sit at one place with my laptop. The weather is better and people in my house are fast asleep. So I need to write more than sleep at night. Isn’t that called – Living up for your Dreams???
  1. Habit: Since 3 years now, I have been working in Night Shifts and have turned out into an Owl. Even when I was unemployed and had the whole day and night to sleep, I could just sleep in the day and at night I used to keep looking at the ceiling fan and wondered if I could have changed one thing from past or something better I can do to make my future better or maybe just live the present amazingly. A habit is very hard to change, isn’t it?
  1. Company: I have a best friend who is an owl like me, a brother who also cannot sleep at night and my boyfriend who is usually awake at night. These guys give me company and I can’t let them be alone at night. So as a good friend, sister and girlfriend I am just up at night to give them company like they do to me.
  1. Laziness: Most of the household chores are done in the day and I am very well known to be lazy. Ten people might ring the door bell in day and if I am awake, I might have to take them. But now when I sleep at day, no one in the house will dare to wake me up to open the door or do the chores. So I am just saved from the boring tasks.

These are some real facts about not sleeping at night. If you have similar reasons like mine or much fun reasons, do let me know about them in the comment below. If you liked the post like it and share it.

P.S.: I love all the bad decisions taken by me, because that makes me what I am today. And I love my present which is completely inspired by my past and will also make me very strong in the future, won’t it?

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving yourself!

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