50 Random Facts about Me!!!

If you guys have been reading my blog for quite some time, you would know many small facts about me. But this post will have 50 Random Facts about me! Let me know in the comments, do you like it or not? I know who the hell would cares about me and 50 pathetically random facts about me! But anyway it is fun to know about a complete stranger!

Ohh and this is the first post in the Scheduled Series! Yayyy!

50 Random Facts about Chaotic Soul (Ashmita Chatterjee)

  1. I don’t know how to swim
  2. My first relationship ever started at the age of 24 (That’s a year ago)
  3. I can’t see a single thing without my glasses on (I am literally blind)
  4. I am scared of every creature made by God, except for Human Beings (Is there a phobia named after this???)
  5. I am an Ailurophobe (I am shit scared of Cats – so scared that every time I see a cat near my apartment, I will wait at the gate till the cat goes away. I also see them in my dreams and wet my bed at times)
  6. I sometimes dream about the future and they come true…
  7. As a child, I had an imagination friend – Sandy (I used to sleep with him and he was my best friend all through my childhood)
  8. I talk to the God (Shiva and Shakti – literally)
  9. I, as a kid once saw a Hindi Horror Movie ‘Papi Gudiya’, I was so scared that I threw all my dolls (including Barbie’s) and since then I am scared of Dolls.
  10. I started taking selfies even when the concept of selfies wasn’t introduced to the world.
  11. I am a Tea Addict. If I don’t get my morning tea, I have a terrible headache the whole day. (Coffee can’t make up for the morning tea)
  12. I am a clingy girlfriend
  13. I have a fear of Men leaving me whom I love a lot. So I keep fighting with all the men in my life, so that they don’t leave me.
  14. I had a crush for 4 years on a guy and I thought I was in a relationship (it was never a relationship – so, refer to the point 2)
  15. I believe that I and my best friend Shrabani were meant to be together –  a. She had named her doll Mita before she even knew me. (My nick name’s Mita).  b. Before meeting, we both had enrolled ourselves in 2 colleges and chose the second one, but both of us wanted the first choice of college. (We would’ve met anyway)
  16. People who are very close to me have the same Resume Format as mine ( I make Resumes for every person I know)
  17. I have an in-built lie detector in my system. I instantly come to know if someone is lying.
  18. I lie like a pro and people never come to know if I am lying in real or no.
  19. As a kid I was been bullied for my extra weight (not only in school but by cousins too)
  20. I fear that if I get married, my husband will cheat on me. So I want to keep marriage off my cards.
  21. I am a Shopaholic
  22. I am an intense eater – Foodie (the sweeter version)
  23. I can’t sleep at nights
  24. I can’t work in the day
  25. I hate travelling for work on my own, I prefer an organisation that gives me transport services (AC cabs, preferable)
  26. I am in deep love with Shah Rukh Khan and I deny dying before I meet him once in my life. I am one of those SRK obsessed fan who had fights with her friends who dislikes him.
  27. I am OCD in reverse… I love some particular things in a certain way, I like, but for the world that’s weird – Example: I like my lip glosses rolled up after use, I keep the zippers of my bags open, I get irritated when I have to close them etc…
  28. I spend an average of 2 hours over the phone before I sleep.
  29. I love clutters. I like things to be messy, my closet, my make up box and my handbag
  30. My first orgasm was when I was 23; it was in Inorbit Mall while having ‘Double Trouble’ Donuts from MOD.
  31. I tie my hair up most of the times.
  32. I feel an itch in every corner of my body, the moment someone says ‘Red Ants’ in any language that I can understand or if I actually see Red Ants some where down on the road…
  33. I keep on correcting people in my head as and when they speak incorrect English.
  34. I had lost weight in 2013 just to prove to the guy I had a crush on that: “This is what you are going to miss!!!”
  35. My all time girl crush is Rani Mukerjee.
  36. While applying make-up, I literally paint my eyes and lips as it makes me more confident when they are painted…
  37. I am the worst bathroom singer.
  38. I can’t poop when I am out on a vacation (Gross)
  39. I talk in Sarcasm most of the time
  40. I hate the colour pink, but that’s the colour I pick the most while shopping
  41. I love the colours Black and White
  42. I take a Happy Meal every time I go out to Mc Donald’s with my family for the amazing toy
  43. As a kid, I was scared of Dark People. (Yeah I know that’s wrong! But come on I was just a kid)
  44. I was addicted reading to Mills and Boons when in my tenth grade.
  45. I might be allergic to Sun, because every time I go out in the Sun I start sneezing…
  46. I tend to find the people funny who open their gifts in a certain manner. Where they carefully open each and every tape and then fold the gift paper and keep it. I just tear it off…
  47. I love doing everything online. I tend to search everything online. I will be the happiest person if I start getting huge pay checks just by working online.
  48. I am a cry baby of my family
  49. My favourite singers are:
    1. Bollywood Male: Shaan
    2. Bollywood Female: Shreya Ghoshal
    3. Hollywood Male: One Direction (Band inclusive of Zayn Malik), Enrique Iglesias, and Sam Smith
    4. Hollywood Female: Rihanna
  50. I miss my daddy every day. Every day before leaving my home, I look at his photo and smile. Because no matter what, I love him a lot and he will always be my super dad.

Pheww so here’s my first post after I scheduled proper days for my blogs, and this was way too tiresome. I will be blogging every Monday and Saturday!

So guys do let me know about how you all felt about this post…

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5 thoughts on “50 Random Facts about Me!!!

  1. Always a pleasure to know about… Although its a different story that I knew all of the above… But still, I love reading, talking, listening about you… OMG! Am I obsessed about you… 😛


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