Schedule, Announcements and other hot stuff!!!

My new obsession is the ‘not-so-new’ song ‘Subah hone na de’ from Desi Boyzzz… Why? I was just randomly searching on YouTube “hot boys” and I saw this in the options… And I have been listening to this song for the last 1 hour (on repeat).

Lately, I have realized I need a schedule for writing. Some people have a post it daily, weekly, monthly schedules. I really am very bad with the scheduling and following the schedule task. But I need to gear up and do something meaningful. Ahh! Please do not expect a meaningful blog post, because Chaotic Soul is all about the Chaos. But I might have some chaos twice a week. Now the question is when…?

So after a little calculation and considering my job and my shift timings, I think, Monday and Saturday seems appropriate. So from now on, there will be a post every Monday and Saturday (I hope).

Well, I have some readers around maybe, but no one accept for one participated in the Giveaway! Anyway, it is still open.

See the Song that I am obsessing on. John Abraham is the hottie. I still have a secret crush on him.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving!

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3 thoughts on “Schedule, Announcements and other hot stuff!!!

  1. How to participate in the give away? And yes I’m your regular reader! And I don’t expect your blog now and then! Blog when you feel like! There’s no pressure 😉 and you inspired me to write a diary which is similar like your blog but it’s secret! :p take care have fun

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    1. Thanks! @vrittikhawani cool to have a diary… I used to have one 10 years ago… I hope u got the blog for the giveaway… It was commented on in a separate comment… Do participate..!


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