7 Situations to sleep on

A normal 6-8 hour sleep doesn’t fancy me. If I have to be happy with my sleep it has to be more than 12 hours of sleep. This is rare with the sleeping disorders I have. I think, I need to sleep without my mobile phone around me. Everytime there’s a notification on my phone and I pounce on it forgetting my sleep.

There are a few situation wherein I would prefer to chose ‘sleep’ than those situations.
7 Situations to Sleep On:

  1. Argument with mom

Me and mom are the world’s largest fighting queens. We fight with harsh words. We fight on things like, my laptop, my selfie stick, my bottle of Tang – basically anything. So whenever we have an argument on some really serious topic like a social issue – Love Marriage, Gay Marriage, Girls being Single till the end (things she opposes) I prefer sleeping. Arguing on such topics means, I will have to take it further and hurt her, and rather than that I would sleep with my pillow on my head. This results in a new day a new beginning.


  1. War with the ‘Guy’

Yes, we are one fighting couple. Me and the guy keep on fighting on small things like, phone calls, messages etc. And those are usually Wars. So I prefer sleeping on such a situation rather than encouraging the war which might lead to me being sad.


  1. Study

Very few people know , but I am pursuing my PGDM and whenever I have to study, I just switch off the lights and remove my specks and go into my dream world, where I am already holding the diploma in my hand! J


  1. Cleaning my Closet

I have the untidiest closet in the entire world. I mean it. Everytime my mom happens to look at it, we have an argument. So rather than cleaning my closet I would sleep.


  1. Go to a party

I hate parties. I literally am an anti-party person. I find it funny to see 10 men dancing to impress a girl on a Yo Yo Honey Singh Song. I also hate a party where there’s no good food, no good drink and no good people. In short, I just hate parties. I might sleep rather than being in a party.


  1. Missing my so called perfect life

I had the job, the money, the house, the family and the guy. And poof! It all went wrong in a moment, rather than thinking this, I just prefer sleeping my arse off.


  1. When asked to wash clothes

I hate washing clothes. I can do the dishes, I can cook, I can even clean the entire house. But if I am supposed to wash the clothes I dread it. I just can’t wash clothes. Might as well I would sleep on that situation.


Guys, these were the 7 situations I can sleep on. Like the post and comment below with the things you dislike doing.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving! Keep Sleeping!

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