7 Reasons Best Friends are better than Boyfriends

How many of you have been through a situation where your best friend and your boyfriends are two different kinds? Well I am sailing the same boat as you’ll then. I have also committed the crime of ignoring my best friend for the boy (Bad decision). I have come to a conclusion that your best friend is way better than your boyfriend.

  1. They understand your obsession with a TV/Book Characters:

The Significant other may not be happy with you fantasizing about Christian Grey or Richard Castle. But your best friend will not only understand them but also might share the obsession with you.


  1. Shopping is better:

The below two conversations will talk for itself…


Shopping with the SO is more like:

He: You done baby?

You: No! Is this one better or the yellow one?

He: What’s the difference?

You: That was lemon and had a mega sleeves, this one is yellow and has a puffed mega sleeves.

He: Hmmm… Take both of them.


Shopping with your best friend is like:

She: Dude, you’ve gotta see this yellow dress…

You: Woowww… Which one should I go for, the yellow or the lemon?

She: I guess, the yellow one is more you. And the lemon dress is more like an umbrella.

You: So I will buy the yellow one.

She: Dude, you’ve also gotta see this black one. One more LBD wouldn’t harm, would it?

You: I love it so much. But it is out of budget.

She: Chuck the budget. It’s on me. But you have to take this. And you can pair it with your black pearl earrings and black flats along with the handbag I gave you last year.


  1. Social Networking is more fun:

Sharing an image with your best friend means, she will exactly know what you are referring to and will reply: ‘Yo! Remember that one… LOL J’

Sharing an image with your boyfriend on social media will result in nothing except for a whatsapp message: ‘Why do you need to share everything on Facebook?!?’





  1. Best Friends know the ins and outs of your sexual relationships:

Conversation on KISS with the Significant other:

Boy: How many guys have you kissed before me?

You: Just one guy, my ex and then you.


Conversation on KISS with your Best Friend:

BFF: Dude, is it 5 or 6?

You: 7…

BFF: 7? Ohh! yeah forgot Steve…! J


  1. You’ll can talk about NOTHING:

Girl best friends know what a NOTHING is. It can start from the hideous pants the girl at work wore to who won the fight last night.


  1. No Sorry’s required:

You know you were wrong, but there isn’t a sorry required. Just a ‘Love you to your Best friend is more than enough.


  1. Compliments are genuine:

A best friend won’t compliment you because they want to have sex with you. When they say you are looking pretty, they genuinely mean it.


Shrabani, this post is dedicated to you completely. I love you dude and no matter how many guys come and go, you are gonna be my better half always, the rest will be the good quarters…!

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving! Keep Smiling!

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