Who wears the pants in the relationship?

Wearing pants in the relationship is a great thing. Usually the guys wear it, but in some relationships the girls have to. I am from a family where the women take care of the family from the bank transactions to the kitchen stock.

I was having a chat with a friend today. He is a guy. And the topic was about if there’s a guy who is rich and honest. Somehow, the topic deviated to girls. He asked me, why are girls who earn more than guys so dominating? All I could say was, when the guys who earn more than girls show a peculiar kind of attitude, why can’t the girls?

Why is it so difficult for the society to accept that in a relationship, a girl can spend more, earn more, be older than the guy, be dominating, be least demanding and the one who replies to the missed calls? Our society is structured in such a way where the men are supposed to do all of these. I know girls, who are not only earning more than the guys but also taking them out for dates, paying the bills and giving multiple gifts on Valentine’s Day.

7 Things to prove that the girl wears the pants in the relationship:

  1. Successful in her line of business:

When a girl is very successful in her line of business and has a position where she is on top of the guys in her field, she is so wearing the pants. Such a girl when in a relationship can be a little herself (dominating) and why can’t she? I have seen guys having a dominating attitude when they are insanely successful.


  1. Dinner Dates:

When the guy can only organise a walking date at the park and the girl arranges the dinner dates, with the reservations, menus and pays the check – it is a sign that the girl is wearing the pants in this relationship.


  1. Books a cab:

If the girl books the cab at the time of a new job interview, she is wearing the pants, most of the time. However, this is not necessarily a point to know if she is the one who is on top or no? But if a girl has an app for booking a Cab and always does it no matter what the occasion is must be wearing the pants.


  1. Guy sneaks out of the house:

There have been times when a guy takes a girl to his place and has to sneak her out of the house at the fear of someone seeing them. But if the same thing happens where the guy sneaks out of the girl’s house, it isn’t weird, but rarely seen. For me this is a definite bang on!


  1. Girl plans the grand anniversary getaway:

The society says, the guy should take the girl out on an anniversary. So if the girl is doing it, it is she who is wearing them.


  1. She does the talking:

Yeah, girls are very well known to be the talkative types. But usually in a relationship when it comes to talking to the hotel guy, office staff, canteen people, rickshaw guy, or some person who is going to get some work done, it is the guy who does the talking. If in relationship the girl does it – you know what I am going to say next…?


  1. She is way to bossy:

A guy let’s his girl be bossy, when he loves her a lot and knows she has all the rights to be bossy.

I don’t understand personally, why do people in India have issues with a girl being more efficient than a guy in the relationship? If she has something, she deserved it, earned it, and strived hard for it just like the guy must have. If she is wearing the pants in the relationship, how does it really bother a guy?

I know one thing for sure; Gerard Butler said in ‘The Ugly Truth’ He loves a woman on top. Who doesn’t?

Guys and girls on that note, please start ignoring the societal norms of the guy should be earning more or should be older than the girl or another myth. We are all EQUAL in all sorts of ways.

Also, there is just one comment on the giveaway post, till yet.

Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Keep Loving! Stop Inequality!

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5 thoughts on “Who wears the pants in the relationship?

      1. Tell me why should you… I believe in equality and also believe that a man and a woman share there own strong points and weak points… In saying that, a woman should be a help meat to her man and a man the strength for his woman but no one above the next.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I agree, but the society I am grown up in i have seen a man having a hand above women… And i am now past the equality… 100 years, women in my society atleast haven’t been able to be above men, though they were good… And now when a woman wants to be all over a man, I don’t think that’s a problem… To each it’s own…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I feel like when you have a good man you’d want to just be his partner… And I’m totally against a man above a woman… God didn’t make woman out a mans head so that she can be above him, nor out of his feet so that he may walk all over her, but beneath his heart so that he may protect her, and from his side do that he is equal to.


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