Dilemma of the New Life

Remember the last post I wrote something about something very exciting about the New Work Place?!? Guys, I am not sure if anyone has ever been in such a situation, but yes it is going to be funny. And that’s not the reason why I am laughing right now. I am laughing because, believe me though it is funny but it has got my nerves frozen.


Have you ever dated a guy whom practically everyone hates from your best friend to your mother to the security guard of your society? If you just smiled, then you would understand my dilemma. My boyfriend is the most hated guy I have ever dated. I also heard someone from my family saying (not mentioning names): “He is so wrong for you that just leave him.” Lately, the rebel that I am, I have obviously not taken that piece of advice.


Confused soul and S don’t like each other a lot. And the only reason they TOLERATE each other is me! I can’t choose either of the two. And I am glad that both of them understand the fact and have tolerated each other for 1 year now. The new workplace where I am joining from tomorrow has both my BFF and my BF. And even worse, we are going to commute from the same place, everyday. It either has to be that they need to be friends or I need to keep my earphones on because, I can’t avoid talking to either of them. I need to speak to my BFF about gossips; family issues etc. and I need to speak to him about the horny and lovey-dovey things.


I know it is not so funny as I put it across in but it is actually funny, when the two are in front of me. I become funny. I need to make sure neither of them kills the other or be rude to the other and so I have to keep talking continuously. Honestly, I can’t tolerate ANYONE insult the other one. If my BF does it, he is going to get a piece of my mind. And if my BFF does it, she is going to get my silent treatment. Both are worse.


4 Approvals every girl needs, when she falls in love with a comparatively bad guy:


  1. Best Friend’s Approval:

Every girl would want her best friend (BFF) to like her love interest. A best friend is like a mirror, it tells you the facts and truths. And if the best friend isn’t happy with your choice of guy, there certainly is some mental torture to the girl.

  1. Brother’s Approval:

No matter if one has an older or younger brother; their approval is the most required. If the lover of yours needs to hang around in your family and needs to be a stealer, he needs to first impress the girl’s brother. Now if the guy is Imperfect, there are possibilities of your brother not liking them at all. Still a girl would always want them to be a game partner or something.

  1. Mother’s Approval:

They say a mother is a girl’s friend in her growing years. Every mother wants the best for her daughter. Every mother would love to see her daughter with the boy who not only loves her daughter but also take care of her. If the mother doesn’t approve of the boy, the daughter needs to think a lot. And this usually leads to tears and sadness.


  1. Daddy’s Approval:

A girl shares a beautiful relation with her daddy. Every girl wants a guy just like her dad. Also, every dad would want her daughter to lead a life with no tears or sadness. Also, unlike the mother who wants a good life for her daughter, a father wants the best for his daughter. He wants his daughter to be with the guy who can keep her happier than him. And for a girl, the daddy needs to be super happy with the boy.


I have approval from none of them. Luckily, my BFF is dating a wrong guy herself, so she is my partner in crime. However, my brother and mother are not in alignment with my thoughts. As far as daddy is concerned in my case, I have lost him years ago, but I know if he would’ve been alive, he wouldn’t have liked the guy I am dating.


It is horrible when there is no one in the entire world of yours who actually likes your guy. At some point you tend to question yourself: ‘is he right for me? Do I still love him? Is he the one for me?’


For now all I can do is, pray and hope that my BFF and my BF are not killing each other with words and silence. I am still okay with silence, but harsh words to either of them won’t be tolerated. Also, I know they both will be reading this post, so guys it is a humble request to both of you to not make my life miserable.


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