7 Things to do when you have NOTHING to do

Hi Guys! I have been at home for almost a month, doing NOTHING! My schedule used to be something like this –

  • Used to sleep at 3 AM in the morning (Bad Night Shift Habit)
  • Used to see weird dreams and sleep again until it was noon
  • Got up post 12 PM
  • If there was a Cricket match worth a watch, would switch on the TEE WEE or else would lie on the bed with my Phone and crib about the fact that I just got 1 Message in the whole night and afternoon; that too from Mom.
  • Getting out of bed by 2 PM and looking for Brunch.
  • Nibbling on something unhealthy and a bottle of water and watching TEE WEE, again!
  • In the evening, I sometimes met S (my BFF) and sometimes met Confused Soul (my BF)
  • Constantly chatting on going up and down on my FB Page until it was 3 A again!
  • Well Yeah! That was completely nothing that I did!


Why blog about it? So I am here not blogging about what I used to do but I thought it would be fun to blog about what I wanted to do or rather could have done if I used some brains, then.


7 Things I could have done while I was completely doing NOTHING!


  1. Read a book:

I should have read some good books. I have so many of them, but I didn’t touch ‘em. Next time when I have nothing to do, I am certainly reading books.


  1. Blog

I could have blogged! I could have spammed WordPress and blogged all day and Night! Sigh! Next time, I will blog all day long.


  1. Go out with friends

I would have if I had the money to. I was unemployed at home. The best I could do was 2 days of Movie Marathon with my BFF. But next time, I will make sure I have a separate savings for being with my best friend.


  1. Do something creative/Make something

Ah! Once, I thought I would do some DIY… But I just ended watching a lot of DIY Videos on Youtube and slept over it. Next time in such a situation, I am gonna create something nice and maybe become the DIY queen.


  1. Go on a date

Well my boyfriend was more unemployed than I was. So technically the only date we managed was 3 glasses of Lime Juice outside his house. He and I, we both needs to save a little money for the dates we can have in such situations.


  1. Clean my closet

The more I clean, the more I realize how less clothes I have and how fat I have gotten over months. But I am so gonna do something creative with my closet, Next Time!


  1. Exercise

I have been quite a lazy bum. And I realised it when a 38 jeans fitted me right rather than the regular 34 or 36. I need to lose the extra weight around my tummy and bum.


So these are some things I could have done.

Anyway, I am starting to work from tomorrow. I am really excited. I am literally starting from the scratch. It is going to be more interesting because??? Wait for the Next Post for why is it going to be more Exciting! (Spoiler Alert: Something very funny is going to come up)


I have recently been a huge One Direction Fan. And the news of Zayn Malik leaving the band was a shocker for me. The below video is my favorite One Direction song. Happy Listening!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving! Keep Being Creative!



3 thoughts on “7 Things to do when you have NOTHING to do

  1. Haha! Even I’ve holidays! And was doing almost same things you did ! But today I did DIY clothes.. I made shorts out of old jeans… and now I saw your this blog about DIY so I thought I could share it 😉


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