Hi Guys! I have been at home for almost a month, doing NOTHING! My schedule used to be something like this –

  • Used to sleep at 3 AM in the morning (Bad Night Shift Habit)
  • Used to see weird dreams and sleep again until it was noon
  • Got up post 12 PM
  • If there was a Cricket match worth a watch, would switch on the TEE WEE or else would lie on the bed with my Phone and crib about the fact that I just got 1 Message in the whole night and afternoon; that too from Mom.
  • Getting out of bed by 2 PM and looking for Brunch.
  • Nibbling on something unhealthy and a bottle of water and watching TEE WEE, again!
  • In the evening, I sometimes met S (my BFF) and sometimes met Confused Soul (my BF)
  • Constantly chatting on going up and down on my FB Page until it was 3 A again!
  • Well Yeah! That was completely nothing that I did!


Why blog about it? So I am here not blogging about what I used to do but I thought it would be fun to blog about what I wanted to do or rather could have done if I used some brains, then.


7 Things I could have done while I was completely doing NOTHING!


  1. Read a book:

I should have read some good books. I have so many of them, but I didn’t touch ‘em. Next time when I have nothing to do, I am certainly reading books.


  1. Blog

I could have blogged! I could have spammed WordPress and blogged all day and Night! Sigh! Next time, I will blog all day long.


  1. Go out with friends

I would have if I had the money to. I was unemployed at home. The best I could do was 2 days of Movie Marathon with my BFF. But next time, I will make sure I have a separate savings for being with my best friend.


  1. Do something creative/Make something

Ah! Once, I thought I would do some DIY… But I just ended watching a lot of DIY Videos on Youtube and slept over it. Next time in such a situation, I am gonna create something nice and maybe become the DIY queen.


  1. Go on a date

Well my boyfriend was more unemployed than I was. So technically the only date we managed was 3 glasses of Lime Juice outside his house. He and I, we both needs to save a little money for the dates we can have in such situations.


  1. Clean my closet

The more I clean, the more I realize how less clothes I have and how fat I have gotten over months. But I am so gonna do something creative with my closet, Next Time!


  1. Exercise

I have been quite a lazy bum. And I realised it when a 38 jeans fitted me right rather than the regular 34 or 36. I need to lose the extra weight around my tummy and bum.


So these are some things I could have done.

Anyway, I am starting to work from tomorrow. I am really excited. I am literally starting from the scratch. It is going to be more interesting because??? Wait for the Next Post for why is it going to be more Exciting! (Spoiler Alert: Something very funny is going to come up)


I have recently been a huge One Direction Fan. And the news of Zayn Malik leaving the band was a shocker for me. The below video is my favorite One Direction song. Happy Listening!


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving! Keep Being Creative!



  1. Haha! Even I’ve holidays! And was doing almost same things you did ! But today I did DIY clothes.. I made shorts out of old jeans… and now I saw your this blog about DIY so I thought I could share it 😉


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