Post Four: Women’s Day Series | A Selfie Post

Here comes the fourth post of the series. This one is all about me. This one is the one that will make me happy.

Ashmita Chatterjee, a Bengali girl from Mumbai who loves to eat, drink, read and write. I really have nothing to say about myself. Most of my readers already know a lot about me.

So rather than writing much about me, I will do this small post on 7 things that makes me happy.

  1. Food

Being a Bong, I am bound to love food. My discussion starts with food and ends with food, literally. It is food that keeps me alive, everyone in fact. And it is not just me but every persona I know is a certain kind of Foodie.

My Mother: She is a foodie in her unique way. She loves all homemade food.

My brother: He is a foodie like me. Give Food and we gulp it.

My Best Friend: She is a Bong who eats less, but eats quality food.

My Boyfriend: The reason we are still steady and going on is because we have just one thing in common ‘Food’.


  1. Beer

Though I am a non-drinker till 20th July, 2015. I still love Beer. The only problem with me and beer is, I lose the count and then go crazy. But Beer is my poison when it comes to drinking alcohol.


  1. Tea

Being a Bong, the love for Tea should be quite understandable. I can have tea multiple times a day. If a friend calls up at midnight and says, “Want to go on a Tea Drive.” I will be all game.


  1. Books

This goes out to all those people who wants to gift me something. I love books, I have this mini-library and I have ample of books. Some read and some are just packed as received. But I just love my books. I would love to share them only with people who have similar passion for book.



  1. A Comment or Email from a Reader

Being a blogger isn’t easy. Especially a blogger who has no comments whatsoever. Will that stop me from blogging? No way! Still a single comment or email from Readers make my day.

This is how i feel when i see a comment or email from you guys!!! :D
This is how i feel when i see a comment or email from you guys!!! 😀
  1. A perfect Selfie

Clicking selfie is my favorite hobby. I also made sure that people close to me are addicted to this hobby. So I made sure that my best friend, my brother and my boyfriend also keep on clicking Selfies. Whenever I get a perfect selfie it makes me smile, and looking at that smile of mine, I click another selfie, and then another. So I have this Selfie Album on my phone and it has more of selfies and a little of twofies.

Perfect Selfie! Beautiful!
Perfect Selfie! Beautiful!
  1. A week of blogging with no Writer’s Block

I am going through a Writer’s block lately. I read somewhere that writing List Posts keeps away the Writer’s Block. But if I get one full week of blogging with no writer’s block, it brings a smile on my face.

Tired after Writing for the entire WEEK! Want to have this look yet again!
Tired after Writing for the entire WEEK! Want to have this look yet again!

This women’s day was nothing special. I had planned for a busy day, but it turned out to be a day at home. However, I was happy as it was just me and mom at home today. Brother had gone out the whole day. So I basically had my breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner with mom. I was planning to get a tattoo done today, but due to some unforeseen incident that happened with my tattoo artist it had to be postponed. Anyway, I made at least 5 women happy today by sending them flowers.

Women’s Day should be celebrated every single day because women are supposed to love each other and moreover love themselves.

See the Video Below: i love this part of the song : I’m gonna love myself, the way I want you to love me

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving Yourselves! Keep yourself Motivated!

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