Post Five: Women’s day Series | Dear Me

Frankly guys, I wasn’t sure what I am going to write as a Surprise Post. This is the Fifth one in the series. And it had to be special. While having tea with my best friend and a regular reader of my Blog. She suggested do not post anything about the social issues. No one likes a harsh ending, right?

So, this is something that is trending this International Women’s Day. A letter to the younger you! So yes it is a #dearme post. I am going to write this letter to the 14 year old Ashmita.

Dear (10 years ago) 14 year old Ashmita,

Hi! This is a letter from the future Ashmita, who is very cool and the girl you always wanted to be. I know how much you are struggling those bullies as you are 14. I know how you feel about your body, face, hair, facial hair, and body hair, Maths and Science and the worse History! Don’t worry, you will hate Science even after 10 years from now, just that you won’t have to deal with it anymore. Though you hate numbers now, you will have to deal with it every day and you will be able to use Phone calculators and Excels for Calculations! So don’t worry, life will be easier with numbers. And History, they will become fun as they will be seen by you on televisions and you don’t have to study it EVER!

The guys who are bullying you right now for being fat, they are going to love your body and would want to date you. You are not going to be very slim or skinny, dear me. But after 10 years your body type will be the most wanted body type. The facial and body hair will be taken care of by your very own beautician. Your hair problems will remain the same but a little stylish with you getting into fashion! Shocking?

Yes, 14 year old Ashmita, you are going to be one fashionable babe. The guys on whom you have crush right now, they are going to be very ‘not-our-types-boy’ when you turn 24. And they are going to have crush on you. Seriously. You love English, don’t you? Well, you will be known for it! You will be famous in college and Work because you have the best English amongst the rest. Also, you will have your Blog. You ask, what is that? The secret diary that you have kept in your cupboard and you write what is on your mind etc. The same thing will be converted into an Internet thing, and you will write it and will be very good with it.

You will be happy to have lunch alone, unlike in school. You cried because you don’t have a single friend to eat lunch with? You have just 1 Best Friend now, but you’ll are the BEST OF FRIENDS. The thought of yours of never getting married, EVER! This is going to change by the time you are 24. You will be in love with this guy whom you would consider as ‘Rowdy’ while you are 14. But you are going to be in love with him.

Dear 14 year old ‘Me’ – Just love the way you are. Because that is what you are going to preach after 10 years. You will be a very good writer, blogger and moreover you will be a very good person. You will be someone who will be respected and looked up to.

The best part, younger Ashmita — you will have tons of clothes and your own magical money card. 🙂

See the video below. it was a random video i foind on YouTube. Do hit a like for the singer. The link is below.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep loving yourself! Keep being Happy!

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