First Giveaway | Initial Announcement



I will be going to a new city, a new state altogether today. And I will be back by Friday. I am going to visit Indore, Madhya Pradesh for the first time. Now the fun part begins. I will be having some time there for a little shopping. So I will be shopping for the readers as well. I will be posting a Giveaway Blog Post, as soon as I am back from my trip.

Like every Giveaways, this one also has a few Rules. For now just keep following. The Rules and the Giveaway details will be put up right after I am back in Town. Also, this is the first giveaway, so it will be special for me.

This is only for the Indian Subscribers for now. But I will have a giveaway soon for International Subscribers as well.

Keep looking for this space for more details.

I love reading emails from you all. So keep writing:

You’ll can look for details on my Facebook Page.

Suggestions are appreciated. Ideas are welcomed!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Looking out for this Space! Keep Loving!

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