Post Three: Women’s Day Series | Best Friend

This is the Third post in this series.

I met this girl who was quite lost and asked me if she can sit besides me in my eleventh grade.  We spoke and realized we both are bengalese.  I never got along very  well with bengalese, especially bong girls.  This girl had a very unique name and I wasn’t quite sure how to say it.

Shrabani,  my best friend since eleventh grade.  Our resume is the same.  Our work experience is the same.  We are poles apart yet we are soul mates.  We support LGBT and  are super straight.

Here’s a special post for my best friend…

5 things I can do for my best friend:

5. I can KILL
Literally! If there’s someone who is making her cry or upset. That person is dead! Even if it is my Best Friend who is at fault still the opposition will DIE!

4. I Can DIE
If at some given time I need to die for her, I will do it with an open heart and a smile on my lips. The reason is simple, she has done so much for me by being on my side the whole time.

3. I Can Hate
It has been history where the person she hates is the person I hate. That is why best friends are called as BEST FRIENDS and not just FRIENDS.

2. I can LOVE
This is gonna be a funny one. In the past there have been cases, where I fell for a guy whom she liked or the guy fell for me whom she liked. So even now, if she wants me to love a guy for revenge, I’m all game.

1. I will be her Partner in crime
Though it is a Pizza Party or a a literal crime, I will be by her side no matter what. And guess what all these are not just words but a written promise by me on the world wide web.

This girl has been my support in bad and good times. She has been supporting me even though she knows I am wrong. She has been telling me I ain’t fat, though she knows I am. She has been telling me my boyfriend isn’t good enough for me but I am sure when people tell me the same thing she will support me and my love. No matter how bad the situation will be, she will be with me.

This post is nothing but a message to her from me, that babes, no matter how difficult the times are and no matter where I am, I will be with you. You are my motivation to write, because everytime I write, I know, I at least have one regular reader. Who reads, likes and more over gives me necessary criticism.  Dude, you are my soul mate.

Happy Women’s Day Girl! Don’t let anything take you down. We will be together always. I love you!

See the video below and keep smiling. Remember there are people who want you to smile always.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving yourself!

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