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This is the second post in the series – ‘Women’s Day Series’ for this Women’s Day. If you’ll haven’t read the first one. Please read it here.

Mostly every person I know has this love-hate relationship with their moms. A mother is the first teacher we have, the first friend, the first person to tell us, the daughters what exactly is the 5 days bleeding and she is the one who tells her children to study and be a human. A daughter is very close to her father but at a certain age, they might get really close to their mothers, especially when they are grown ups and have a marriage material guy to get hitched with.

I have been my father’s girl till I was 14. After that I had only mother. Frankly speaking, in the initial years I had trouble being friends with my mother as she was the strict one amongst my parents. My dad was this cool and fun loving person who pampered and spoiled me according to my mom. After daddy left us, it was only my mother who became my dad and mom. This beautiful lady who looks younger than me (literally) has this amazing sense of humor. She can make people laugh with ease. I am jealous of my brother because he has this quality of my mother. She makes friends as rapidly as I take selfies. People always told me that I don’t look like my mother. She has a petite and ‘anyone-can-die-for-that-figure’ kind of figure. She is an awesome sari draper. She has this amazing knowledge of facials and bleaches. She cooks the best food. She makes the perfect maggie and tea. She was an athlete as a kid. She used to jump to take the Mumbai Local Train from Mira Road (Mumbai residents would know what I am referring to). She works for the Government (a Great thing in India). She is a graduate (Another great thing for women from her era).The best thing about my mother is that she has given birth to this beautiful Fat girl with the most beautiful and lovely eyes and Anyway! You’ll know me. I must say my mother is one of those women who are ageing really beautifully.

I and my mother are just poles apart. Though she is modern and is ok with my friends having boyfriends; she isn’t okay with me having a boyfriend. Would I call it Double standards..? Naah! It is just her concerns, maybe. She is my mother, no judgments here.

Are we friends? Yes, I and my mother are friends. However, as she is my mother some things are better kept in the closets. In my growing years, I had only her as my friend. Until college, she was the only female friend I had and then came S, my BFF. I do tell my mom a lot of things that girls usually don’t tell their mothers like -The day Confused Soul proposed to me and I was all ‘butterfly-in-my-tummy’ happy, I told her before telling anyone. I told her when I had my first crush. I told her when I failed an exam. I told her when I decided to lose weight. I told her about me having my first cigarette, beer and I am also telling her that I and my BFF want to have the same tattoo.

My mummy doesn’t look like a Bong at all. People usually think she is a South Indian or Maharashtrian. She has these lovely curls in her hair, unlike me who has hair issues. She has this dusky color of Bipasha Basu.

Mummy has been my inspiration. She has been a father and a mother all through her life since dad was away. She being a single mother has never let us felt that we don’t have a dad. Sadly, I don’t miss my dad because I am literally very happy with my mother.I have always imagined being just like my mother. I might never get a figure like hers or hair like hers, but I am sure in the last 24 years I have learnt a lot from her. At least I know how to tackle with kids like me and my bother.

This Women’s Day, I would like to thank my mummy, ma, mom, mommy whatever I call her to make me into a woman who can deal with the world with full confidence. Also, I would like to say sorry to her as I have made her cry so many times. But ma, if you are reading it (if you are not, I am going to read it aloud for you at home) I love you the most. I love you more than anyone and anything. And even if I move out of home, trust me there is no chance I can be without you. You are my life. I know this sounds very cheesy and suits when said to a lover, but ma you have been the best man and woman of my life. You certainly deserve something very nice this Woman’s Day.

I love you!

By the way made this completely Immature Video on YouTube, was just trying my hands. I might come up with something new.

Keep Reading! Keep CLicking! Keep Loving your Mothers! Keep Blogging!

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