10 Things NEVER to do while having a fight with your boyfriend

I am the fighter cock in my relationship. I fight. I snatch. I pinch. I hit. I slap. I curse. I cry. I shout. Well you’ll got it right? So I am the one who starts a situation in my head, a whole conversation in my head and think that exactly that has happened and then I react to what I technically just thought of. And boom! There goes the poor chap with a loads of yelling and Profanity.

So guys, starting from Today, I have a milestone to complete, which is NOT to fight with the Boy for straight 6 months. I know that’s kind of huge. But let me test my patience and see how many of the times it was actually me who started a fight just with my assumptions.

Over the last one year, I have started getting a taste of what exactly a relationship is. This being my first one (Not considering Saath Samundar Paar as it was one-sided love ‘quoted by him at the time of HE LEAVING ME’).

Relationships are like Candy Floss. If a newbie tries it, it could mess up and not be perfect as we want it to be. It is no hunky-dory. But it is fun if the partners have real good bonding. In my case, it will take time, I know. He is very nice and so am I. Still we both are still stuck with our past a little which keeps us a little behind in the race.



Every relations have fights. On small or big issues, here are 10 things NEVER to do while having a fight with your boyfriend.

  1. Abuse! Abuse! Abuse!

Girls, I know you might be correct in the fight. He must’ve forgotten your birthday or anniversary or just something. Still, DO NOT abuse him to that limit that he loses his mind. Do not cross your limits while fighting. Obviously you’ll might know where to draw the line. Draw a line, when it is time.


  1. Cry!

Yes ladies, this is our biggest and strongest weapon. Yet, don’t keep on crying during all the fights you’ll have. Eventually, believe it or not but the guy will get immune to your tears and they won’t work anymore on him.


  1. Blackmail

This is like epic. I have done this like a several times and now before he gets used to these blackmails, I have decided to STOP it. Girls, please do not blackmail those lovers of yours. It is lame and so unromantic. And trust me after 5 years you both will laugh at it, but if things gets worse there is a possibility he will just walk out from your life and after 5 years you will regret.


  1. Long Emails and Messages

I am the type who loves to write. I can’t express my emotions in person. Ladies, this gives you’ll a peace of mind because you’ll write it out and your head’s cool. But, he will lose his mind after he reads what you have written. And trust me later you too will realize that it was a pathetic string of words used by you.  Avoid those long emails and WhatsApp Messages also because there is a high possibility that He is not even reading those…!


  1. Talk to your Ex

OK! I get it that you’ll were super pissed on what he has done, but going back and talking to your Ex is going to make you feel like a Booty Call later. And trust me it does. Never, Ever talk to your Ex while or during having a fight with your current. There’s a reason he is an Ex. Whenever your current comes to know about you speaking to your Ex while he was saying sorry on WhatsApp, he is going to be _________. Fill up the worse word you know. I would fill it up with he is going to be COLD. Trust me your guy going cold on you for your fault is not a good feeling.


  1. Do not bring up his EX

Girls, we need to understand that he had his share of past just like we did. Though I am writing this point here, but personally, I bring this one up every time we fight. But you know what I realized something today. Every time I bring her up, isn’t he too thinking of her unintentionally. Ain’t I taking him back to her? So girls, with a heavy heart and really SERIOUSLY STOP BRINGING UP HIS EX during fights. You are pushing him away with this.


  1. Don’t compare your ex with your current

Mixing up drinks is the worst things, we have heard this so many times. Well, I know it gives a real nice kick, but your ex ain’t Whisky and your current ain’t a Vodka. Don’t say the things like: ‘You know what! At times I feel he was better.’ Or ‘I wish I didn’t break up with him.’ Or even worse ‘I wish he gets back to me.’ Girls, some day if your current’s head goes for a toss and he has had enough, he will just say: ‘Go!’


  1. Don’t Hit

Girls, anger is the worst emotion a person can ever have. Anger and Frustration comes due to different things like lust, jealousy, lack of trust etc. As per the human and Women tendency, it is very difficult not to get angry. But I am sure there will be some way to figure out everything. So did you see him checking out a girl while he was with you at CCD? Girls, give a thought on the chat you had with your bestie where you told her how much you like your gym trainer and you think he is hot. Hitting is not an option. Tell him you don’t like it. Tell him that it isn’t what you are expecting out to him but also make sure you are not hitting him back. Every guy won’t tolerate this shit.


  1. Don’t Flirt

Don’t flirt with others in a very sultry way just to make him feel jealous. You don’t want to lose your guy just because he forgot your anniversary or birthday 5 times in a row. Come on. Forgive him.


  1. Don’t Unfriend or block him

Girls, this is the last and the ONE that you all don’t need to do at all! So if you’ll are all head over heels on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Whatever social app and people around you know that you’ll are dating – Please do not Unfriend him or remove the Relationship Status Tag(if you already have it) because after a day or two, you both will get back and then put the relationship status again. Then fight after a few days and Repeat! People around you are going to make fun of you. Also do not block him on WhatsApp or any chatting systems you’ll use, because you will never know if he messaged you the first and the best Sorry Message. You are angry? I understand. Just put your phone on Flight Mode and go to sleep with your earphones on. Or if you are like me who doesn’t need music all the time, just switch it off and keep it on charge and sleep. Next day morning you could get a surprise of a long message (maybe just 10 words – but long enough if it is for the first time) from him. You don’t want to miss this message right.

Girls, I know fights are necessary but a lot of them are sure shot deal breakers. Keep it low, minimum, give yourself and him time and not space. Love him and moreover love yourself.

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving! Stop Fighting!

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3 thoughts on “10 Things NEVER to do while having a fight with your boyfriend

  1. I love this very much!

    Thanks for sharing, sometimes it’s the thoughts in our minds that creates problems and so we react to that instead of seeing the situation to what it is

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