Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

Wedding bells are ringing so loudly that my ear drums are about to tear off and I might just become completely deaf. Every girl I know is getting engaged or married. While I have decided to get married only after 4 years from now. Reason being simple, like any Mumbai Middle Class Family girl would say ‘Career’. I am at the peak of my career and getting hitched now may lead to a halt to my career, which I am not interested in.

Every bride wants her D-Day to be totally amazing and special. I will be one of those brides, who would want small things from every movies I love.

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“Something old, something new,

Something borrowed, something blue.”

While watching the movie Bride wars, I heard the above phrase and I had to surf the internet instantly. After the knowing the meaning of it, I decided to implement this whenever I get married and whoever I get married to.

Something old: This symbolizes the bride’s relationship and continuity with her family’s past.

What will be my Something Old?

I might wear the gold bangles of my mom that I totally love, because it is elegant and it was gifted to her by my dad. So it is old and really special.

TDM 16


Something New: This symbolizes Hope for the future and optimism.

What will be my Something New?

The wedding dress or sari (whatever it is – given the fact that my boyfriend is half catholic and half south Indian and I am full Bengali, I might get the opportunity to wear a dress and/or a sari) will be new and as per the latest trend.

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Something Borrowed: This one generally comes from a trusted friend or family member whose own marriage is successful and happy.

What will be my something borrowed?

By the time if my best friend ‘S’ gets married and I am sure will be very happy, I might borrow some of her thing maybe a small piece of jewellery

(that would fit me).





Something Blue: This symbolizes love, purity, modesty and fidelity.

What will be my Something Blue?

In Hindu weddings, we have rarely seen anything blue and this entire ‘Something’ concept is followed by Christians. If I have decided that I have to do the ‘Something’ concept when I get married, I will have something blue. I might just make a ring for myself or maybe ask the guy to buy me a Blue ring.

I saw the one below on Google and went completely gaga over it.

blog p4The other idea of the entire ‘Something’ concept is like the one in the image here. In fact I really loved this thought.


My wedding is not on the cards as yet, but for all my friends and cousin who are supposed to get married, please try to get this Something concept in your wedding, because they say this brings the bride good fortune, if she carries these with her on her wedding day.

I give my best wishes to all the brides to be and the newly-weds.


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