Size Matters?

Does being fat make you unwanted? Does size really matter? I am not a very cultured girl, when it comes to facts and equality. I can abruptly stop a conversation if the conversation is not meant to be. Regular readers and closed one’s reading this might know that I have a darling figure. Only if I tone it a little, I can give a tough time to Kim Kardashian. I might also say that I have a better butt than the Kardashian’s. And I mean it.

I met an old school friend yesterday, while I had gone to meet a friend in the hospital along with my boyfriend. She is a pretty tiny girl with hardly any chest or butt. She has hair as straight as a Horse’s tail and she is so fair that she can give competition to Katrina Kaif. She is what we think every man desires. So i and she started talking, while my guy kept standing uninterested in our conversation. She then said, your boyfriend is pretty thinner as compared to you. Don’t you think you should shed some weight? Ouch. Now that hurts.

I was about to tell something really bad just when my guy jumped in and said, oh no! Please don’t lose weight. I don’t want to spend nights besides a skeleton. A girl with an appetite is what I wanted not a girl who is petite. I had that oh-I-love-him-so-much smile on my face and he kept his arms around me instantly. The friend of mine was a little offended. She smiled and I said politely, if I have to lose weight I can, but what’s the point in not eating when you can afford it. If tomorrow I turn into a poor person I might think of losing some weight. For now I think I am good this way and I will make sure next time we meet, he will some weight on him too. We laughed and concluded the conversation.

Why do we have this perception that a fat person can’t do anything? I am sure I am in all way better than any petite girl. Sexually speaking, my guy can’t get luckier.

Many people feel that there are some constraints that we have when it comes to dressing up. We have shops that keep clothes only our sizes. I can carry a sari, a dress, jeans, formals and a bikini with no shame. It is strange how people who are fat feel they are unwanted. Any person can be unwanted if they themselves feel unwanted. Looking into the mirror and loving me is something I keep doing most of the time.

I love my guy a lot. But I have also made it very clear to him that my genes have fats in it. The best thing is we both love eating. Our conversation starts and ends with food.

Just a short message for all those fat girls and guys, enjoy eating and love yourself the way you are. Girls especially, even Bridget Jones had Mark Darcy to marry and Daniel Cleaver to shag. Love yourself ladies, if you haven’t found your Darcy or Cleaver yet, wait back and love yourself, they will come running to you.

Till then ladies, it’s all about that bass. Enjoy.



Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Eating! Keep Loving yourself!

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