Men See; We Read!

Men see, We Read!

Last one week I have been losing my mind over a typical kind of men and women. People here are so judgemental that one can be a criminal by reading something ‘unusual’. I might be generalizing everyone here, but this is how it is.

I can say about India and not the rest of the world; that the word SEX is certainly a taboo. A girl isn’t supposed to say the word Blow and Job in one sentence. ‘That’, ‘It’ or ‘Ahem’ are the words we use to denote sex or sexual activities. And this is not the misery of the Rural India but even the major part of Urban India. We say that we want the world to understand sex and stop rape and keep our girls safe. But hell we can keep our girls safe if we are not discussing sex. Everything need not be done practically and it should be taught in such a way that a practical illustration shouldn’t cross the mind of the children.

I have seen 14 year old girls cry because they had a break up. I used to cry at that age which was nearly 10 years back, when I lost my China Pen. Well, the whole post isn’t about Sex education or ‘Save the girls’ and educate children. It is about the Mentality of the Society.

I have been moved to a different location in 2015, and it is the same place where I started off from. So I am meeting old friends a lot these days. The other day I was in the cab and I met this girl, whom I had introduced to Fifty Shades of Grey. I asked her, “how’s your reading going?” And she started off with what her ex-boyfriend told her when she told him about Fifty Shades and the series. He apparently said, “If you read that book again, I will leave you.” Guess what she must’ve done. She decided to read it under the sheets while the whole world is asleep.

If reading Erotica is a wrong thing, why would we have writers like E.L. James for the most famous Fifty Shades, Sylvia Day who gave us the Crossfire Series and our Indian Erotica Writer Madhuri Banerjee? They earn a lot of money and that is possible only when we buy and read it.

I have been judged all through my life because, where other girls used to read Harry Potter, I read Mills and Boons. But the question is when I read Mills and Boons, I was so satisfied that I made no boyfriend, but the girls who read Harry Potter in my school were busy dating at the age of 15. Yes I am judging them, because they judged me. Call me a selfish bitch, I don’t care.

Where did I find Mills and Boons from? My mom introduced me to Mills and Boons. And though she doesn’t like me read erotica now, but she was the one who introduced me to reading and now writing. I remember boys in my school used to discuss something about MILF and Bhabhi’s and I was clueless then. Well each one of us has their own fantasies. I always loved older men, because I read it in Mills and boons and guys my age always fantasized about teachers and aunties because that is what they saw.

Men see ‘it’, while we read ‘it’! What is so wrong in reading ‘it’? The problem is seeing a porn movie is okay as it is usually seen by men, even if a woman has to see it she is supposed to watch it with a man. If she happens to watch it all by herself, she is indeed considered to be a SLUT. Pornography is available through different media. It can be in the form of books, magazines, postcards, sculptures, audio, drawing, painting, animations, videos etc.

What is pornography?

Here it is.








Double standard is what defines us. Watching a Porn Video by a guy is okay because, ‘Come on! He is a guy! They need it! It is quite normal for them to satisfy their needs…’ Being a girl, I don’t like to see the guy’s thing right in front of her face while they are doing some odd position. But I prefer a bath tub love making scene that is written in the most beautiful way and it makes you melt down there. To each it’s own, as they say. If a girl reads an erotica, she is judged, why? Believe me it is not the men who question a woman. Women judge women. Women question women. Which woman is questioned and judged? The one who reads an erotica in public train, buses, cabs in a cafe etc. is the one answerable. The woman who reads it under the sheets under the mobile lights, but in the daylight questions the public reader is the one at fault.

A man is never judged when watched a porn video for fun. Then why is a woman judged and questioned when she reads an erotica? Men tend to love a visual description of everything while women like the old fashioned way of reading it out.

I know of many book readers who find erotica readers disgusting. They are not at all disgusting. I read Fifty Shades and Crossfire Series everywhere I went. I used to carry a copy of it in my bag to read in the cab. I used to finish one Mills and Boons when I was 15 or 16 in half a day.

I personally believe that reading in itself is a serene thing to do. And reading something like Fifty Shades is certainly a boost to reading. I would like to say to all the females out there, don’t shy in what you like to read. You must be not into Meluha, which is perfectly fine. You like erotica, go to FlipKart and order one or two Mills and Boons for you.

And guys, before telling a girl what to read, why don’t you go to the browsing history of your laptop or phone and check the videos you have been watching for the whole week.

Never judge a reader by what they read!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Stop Judging!

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