Tattoo is something I have always wanted. I loved the words ‘Chaotic Soul’ ever since this blog started and that is what I wanted to get inked on my body. In 2014, I had decided to get a permanent tattoo with my blogs name; however, I got a temporary tattoo.

I had gone for a short weekend trip with my family to a hill station nearby called ‘Lonavala’. We had booked a cab for sight-seeing and we halted at a place called, Bushy Dam. There were a couple of guys there who made permanent and temporary tattoo. I wasn’t sure of a permanent tattoo from a place like this, so I and my mom inquired a little about the temporary tattoo thy made. They told us, it was a paint tattoo. They used some herbal paint to get this temporary tattoo done.

I was pretty happy with the tattoo; however, the size of the tattoo was disturbingly huge. So now I know what I want my permanent tattoo to be like. This temp tattoo stayed for 20 days. It was a cool experience.

Here’s a picture of the tattoo…

(Pic from Instagram)

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