Love Marriage?

Why are parents and family against Love Marriages?  Even today, with the world changing so fast and for the good, we still have to convince our parents and family before getting married to someone we love. I have seen hell lot of movies where parents don’t agree initially and then they do. What’s the point?

In fact in real life, I have seen parents and families not agreeing till deaths take them apart. My mom has told me stories of her cousins who chose a partner for themselves and how unsuccessful their married lives were. I have also heard that parents disagree with their children’s choice and then accept them once they have their first kid.

On weekends, I get a little time to spend time with my mom and brother and hardly any time with my best friend. But whoever I talk to tell me how wrong I am in choosing Confused Soul as my lover. I am 24, and I have never been in any relationship ever.

I have this guy in my life whom I met when I was vulnerable from my teenage crush been crushed.  I was on the verge of losing my mind and becoming into trash, literally. I always was into the Mills and Boons world and expected a knight in shining armour to rescue me. He is not the knight in shining armour. He has no possessions. He doesn’t have a vehicle or house. All he has is a job and a mother to take care of. My mom is very reluctant about me going around with him. I was in deep thoughts some days back and thought – we expect a guy to have a house, a good job, a vehicle and capability to take care of the girl he marries. We are in a society that bounds us to do so.

What do I have?

I have a job and a mom to take care of and a brother who is the love of my life. What else do I have? Do I have a house? No my mother does. Do I have a vehicle? No, my dad had it.

Our society is moulded in such a way that it is necessary for the guy to do everything. I remember, the President of my company where I work, once said, “I work and my husband stays at home to take care of the children.” She isn’t from India obviously. We have so much of peer pressure on the guys these days that they have stress even to love someone. And then they get into alcohol to be stress relived and then we call them alcoholic. Who made them an alcoholic? The peer pressure did

We need to be more open to ideas wherein a woman should go out to work and the man should sit at home and take care of the kids. What is wrong with it? Why can’t a woman take care of the family and why does she need a husband to do it? We are really trapped in this society that is so judgemental that nothing can be done about it.

It is not the financial background, cultural differences or any other differences because of which families say no to love marriage. It is the Mr. Jealous that gets into them and makes them feel that they would lose their children to some person they haven’t chosen. Is it possible to forget someone with whom you have spent all your life? The love for one’s parents remains. The love isn’t shared.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your parents in your wedding dancing to some bollywood number and being happy for you? I wouldn’t want to marry a stranger and rather tie knot with some guy I am in love with. It may or may not be Confused Soul, but I would want an understanding more than the rituals of a marriage.

I wish people change their perception about love marriages. Well on that note, I would like to end this post and jump on my bed and go to sleep.

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Loving!

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