5 things to do to take SWEET REVENGE from your guy

Why is it an obligation to love someone and to do things as per their wish? Is it voluntary or is it forced? Is it out of love? “Why can’t I just sit and watch TV and have my last peg of whiskey without my girl texting me?” This thought crosses the mind of every guy. I am sure. But for once just think, if a girlfriend thought: “Let’s watch Rom-Coms back to back and enjoy the beer and French fries and sleep on the couch for another 23 hours stretch; without that tedious phone of mine and that hot guy texting and calling me because he has a hard-on.”

A girl doesn’t have a hard on when she wants a guy to talk or meet… Ladies have different necessities. All she needs is a feeling that her guy/man is busy with her in the middle of the night. Or maybe she is just having a terrible headache and her man’s voice is the medicine to it. Or maybe yeah, she just feels like having a sex chat and she wants him to turn her on rather than the other way round.

Well the mistake here is with the ladies and not men. Ladies have made sure they give them what they want instantly. So if your guy says the word blow and job in one rhythm a lady should make sure she doesn’t give him that instantly. Rather take revenge for the other night when he replied to her, ‘Hi’ with a ‘Watching TV baby…’ Personally I feel a little vengeance is necessary to keep the relationship going.

5 things to do take sweet revenge from your guy:-

  1. Dine in:

The week before, you were expecting him to take you on a dinner date but he cancelled it for the football game on the TV and instead just ordered Chinese. This time it is revenge time, Ladies. He would someday call and say, “Baby, let’s go out for dinner.” You can just say, “Hey sweetie, I wish I could, but I have to be at home today got some work.” I know denying such an offer would be foolishness but ladies – Self Respect!

  1. Oopsie! On my cycle:

He wants to jump on you, because he feels hot. Remind him about the night you turned on his side of the bed and he said, “Baby, I read the other day over the net that drinking too much doesn’t give a hard-on. I think it’s true. I should stop the whiskey…” Yeah baby! So now when he is all set to bang you, just tell him, “Oopsie baby got my dates.” and tell this to him when he is almost ready to make sweet love to you.

  1. Read? Blue Ticks! Hell Yeah:

The new whatsapp’s blue ticks are a blessing and a valid reason to fight with proofs. So you say: “Hey baby… ” you get blue ticks and no response. You send,”Heyy…?” and you again get blue ticks and no response. Now it’s your turn ladies. There will be a day when he needs you and he sends a: “Good morning babes… ” give him the blue ticks and 10 minutes of being online: Doing what – Talking to your best friend! Let him have the feel of ignorance.

  1. Boys Night out:

He cancelled the booking you had at that new Italian Bistro where you wanted to go with your guy. He cancelled it for a boy’s night out. Fun! Yayyy! Next time make sure he gets his stomach filled with his Guy Best friend cooking for him, his favourite Chicken sausage in tomato and chilli sauce. So now he decides a movie and dinner date and you are so excited about it. Let him do the bookings and let him be all excited about it the entire week. All you need to do is, call him and tell him, “Hey baby, I am afraid I need to cancel that date with you tonight. You know my best friend (whom you hate) has this situation and she needs me so much right now.” Boom! You get the score there sweet Ladies.

  1. Sleep:

A breakfast was planned at Mc. Donald’s at 7 in the morning and you were ready wearing your best sweatpants and top that would make him crave for you more than those pancakes they serve. And he doesn’t picks up the call till its 7 in the evening and then he says: “Heyy m so sorry…. I will pay for this one. I know it’s bad on my part. I am such a jerk. I am so sorry darling.” Ladies, he has said he will pay for this one. Make sure he pays. So call him in the night and tell him that you need to go out with a few office guys in the morning and name that hot guy from work whom he hates. And tell him he is going to pick you up in the morning in his Bullet. At 5 in the morning you will have your guy buzz on your cell phone and say: “I am standing down. Will drop you till wherever you wanna go…” All you will tell him in a sleepy voice: “Darling, the plan got cancelled. Sorry didn’t inform you.” Ta-Da there you have made sure he has paid for it…

Now ladies these were the Five things that would be Sweet Revenge.

Also, if the above tricks don’t work on your guy and they just ignore it, ladies, think twice about your choice. And if you have someone who doesn’t need such revenge, please keep him and hold onto him.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving yourself!

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