W(om)E(n) Rules?!? Seriously?

Even with the best of education what are we doing with our lives? We are wearing clothes that show we are from the modern world, but are we actually modern? We live in a world where females are required to cook, work, give birth, raise them, and die in loneliness. We do have females who are strong and mighty enough to conquer the world but is that the reality?

I was having a chat with my boyfriend this morning and he said something appropriate but it did hurt me. Yesterday while he was at work I was surfing the net for the baking classes in my area. I wanted to learn baking so that I can bake cakes on everyone’s birthday and I love being in the kitchen. What did he say? We were watching a baking show in our respective homes and I said, “I don’t know how to bake…” he very sweetly said, “Learn it then.” It was more like an implication rather than a request or suggestion. He is half Christian and so his love for cakes is highly understandable. Also given the fact that the girl his mother had once chosen for him used to bake amazing cakes and most importantly his mom herself bakes the best cakes.

I started cooking only when I felt like because prior to that my father never let me enter the kitchen. He always said, “A person can survive without cooking because money can buy food, so study and earn rather than cook and be just a trophy wife.” My mom is an amazing cook and I wish I was half as good as her. I love cooking but not the usual things like daal, rice and bhindi ka bhaaji… I love the random style of cooking. I don’t have a recipe in my head when I start cooking. It depends where my hand falls while I am in the kitchen. I cook because I love doing it but it is not a necessity for me. After the so called fight or argument on this with my boyfriend I decided to sleep and so did he.

A few days back I was on my Facebook Wall and saw some really cute pictures of a relative who is pregnant and they got a cake to disclose the gender of the unborn. It is a nice thing to do while you are not in India. So the cake was a yellow coloured cake and the moment she cut the cake people would know if it’s a girl or a boy. When she sliced the first piece all were so happy – it was Blue! And we obviously know Blue stands for whom! These people are not in India and have been settled outside India for more than a decade now. People in this party was immensely happy and congratulated the ‘would be mother’.  I wondered if they would have been so happy if the cake was pink. Maybe yes! But would they actually be? Are people still happy to have girls as their first born?

In the movie Noah there was a scene where Ila (Emma Watson) was pregnant and Noah (Russell Crowe) said, if it’s a boy – he would be the last man instead of Japheth(youngest son of Noah), but if it’s a girl she will be killed on her birth. That was the cruel for both the sex. But why should a guy been allowed to see the world and a girl should be cut on her birth?

I am not a feminist but I do love the womankind and need to see more women on the top. I feel women are underrated and the world needs to appreciate the womankind. Most importantly it’s we women who needs to appreciate ourselves and our species.

Keep Reading! Keep Bloggin’! Keep Loving yourself!

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2 thoughts on “W(om)E(n) Rules?!? Seriously?

    1. I just don’t believe in that term! All i believe in is Self-Praise, Self-Love, Self-Pat on the back! I wouldnt term it as beinga Feminist! Rather just being a Woman! 😀


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