5 things to do before you get married

‘Ding Dong…. Ding Dong…’ can you hear wedding bells everywhere…? Well I can. Winter is the most suitable time to tie the knot. You don’t have to worry about your make up wearing off due to the scorching heat or the outdoor decoration getting spoilt because it just started raining. Your hair is just like it should be and the ceremonies go as planned. I wish marriages were so perfect that brides didn’t have to worry about anything or anyone. However, we pressurize brides so much before marriage that the wedding day is like her final exam. Well not all brides are as lucky as Arpita Khan.

Arpita Khan’s wedding was the most happening wedding, which just got wrapped up with the perfect food, destination, make-up, jewellery and the perfect brother Salman Khan. Salman made sure her baby sister is happy on her D-Day. The star studded destination wedding and reception in Hyderabad and Mumbai respectively was certainly the talk of the town and is all over the social media and World Wide Web. Chaotic Soul wishes Arpita Khan a happy married life. We are sure she will be the perfect bahu and biwi…

Well for all the other brides, there are a few things you need to do before you get tied up forever (maybe). Now this is not what your mom and kaaki’s and maashis tell you to do. Chaotic soul wouldn’t tell you how to take care of hair and skin and wedding preparations. But she is going to tell you 5 things you need to do for your own sake before you get hitched.

  1. Go on a ‘girls only’ vacation

Miss Bride-to-be, the Mr. Groom to be is probably making plans for Goa with his guys before he loses his freedom. Why not you? Take the bag out, trash in all your shorts, dresses and slippers and call your girls and take the next flight to Goa. Have fun ‘cuz next time you are here you will have a man besides you holding your hand and asking you not to get all drunk and lose your mind. So you better do it right away.

  1. Get your finances straight

Ahh! So boring! This is what one would feel after reading this. But girls trust me, getting your finances straight is very important. You don’t want to be dependent on your future spouse for a lipstick shade you want to have from that online store. Go to your bank and open an account that no one knows about and keep transferring a few pennies in there whenever you have excess.

  1. Face one of your biggest fears

It could be sky diving, dining in public alone, and watching a movie alone or river rafting. For me it would be everything that is mentioned above.

  1. Buy something outrageously expensive

Why? Because you can…!!!

  1. Go on a solo-vacation

Loving yourself is very important. Go on a solo vacation – Just you and yourself.

Miss ‘Mrs to be’ please enjoy your wedding but remind yourself that the Mr. Groom to be is very lucky to have you as his better half. You deserve the best and so get married only when you know he is the Mr. Right and your Prince charming who will not only rescue you but respect you, love you and most importantly be honest to you. Also, remember that it’s your day and don’t let anything on anyone ruin it. You will be the only female in there whom the entire crowd will look at because you are the Bride to be…

On that note, well wishes all to all of them who are tying knots this year.

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Loving Yourself!


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