10 Things Never to Expect

My expectations a year ago from the Love of my Life ‘Then’:

“I want a guy who earns well, has a house, loves me, is too hot to handle. I don’t care if he is fat or no. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. He should be at least 8 years older than me. He should be creative in order to understand my quirky blog posts.”


My expectations currently from the Love of my Life ‘Now’:

“My guy should be loving and caring. Doesn’t matter if he is working well or no, at least he has a job. He protects me every time I am out with him, so what he doesn’t have a house of his own. He should have a stubble and rowdy look that will make a two years younger boy look my age. He should be able to make me laugh, so what if he doesn’t understands me and my love for writing, at least he makes me happy.”


In the span of a year, I have almost changed my entire personality. Different partners lets you bring out the best or worst in you and trust me you will love it no matter what. My expectations a year ago took me nowhere in my love life, but professionally it took me a step higher. My expectations with Confused Soul has taken me professionally nowhere, but socially and physically it has taken me places. He is so well known in the company we work in, that most of the people who never spoke to me, then; smile at me (obviously they won’t talk to me, because I won’t let them), now. He has taken me to places I have never been to in my own locality.


My ex was an international affair and this one is too local. Ex knew things about photography to the T, but this one knows how to click me and twofies during vacations. My ex was very good with food and introduced me to the rich and expensive places and trust me, then I couldn’t afford those places. Now, my Confused Soul takes me to local places in my nearby locality and makes sure I eat. My ex wanted me to get a tattoo because he thought it was trendy and would suit me. Confused Soul told me not to get a tattoo because it will hurt me and he doesn’t want other men to touch me.


Our expectations change with the change in partner. I always wanted my ex to spend more time with me. My Confused soul spends a lot of time with me, but now I need more because I am used to he being with me. Human creatures are very funny, they always ask for more. And the worst is Women Creatures, they need the Most of everything.


10 Things never to expect from a guy you love:

  1. Never Ever expect him to give up his sports time for you. Cricket is certainly Religion for some. (I would love to watch a cricket match with India opposing Pakistan) other than that I am watching no game.
  2. Never expect him to say, “You made this better than my Mom”. Usually, guys love their mom’s cooking and they would compare your cooking with that. Now obviously, why will a girl try to make a dish like a guy’s mom did. What about the concept called ‘Change’ and ‘innovations’?
  3. Never ever expect him to not look at other girls. You might be the hottest girlfriend a guy can ever have, but if he is a Man, he will look at other girls. At times you might also catch him looking at a girl while he is having coffee with you.
  4. Never ever expect that he will stop watching Porns or stop browsing through the Victoria Secret Models. He watching a Porn or going through models from Victoria Secrets, doesn’t mean he is bored of you or you weren’t good in bed. It just means that he is going to do that because he has been doing that.
  5. Never Ever expect him to call or message you first. Men are very simple creatures. If you find a man who messages you first or calls you first, they are certainly a relative of Jaadu (the Alien from Hrithik Roshan Movie). Men don’t think it’s necessary to message or call first as according to them that doesn’t matter. Unlike women, for whom a message or call means the world.
  6. Never ever expect him to cancel on his guy night outs for you. Ladies, you all are very much aware what guys do during their night outs. Unlike us, they don’t wear cute pink shorts and gossip about the girl from neighbourhood or watch Sex and the City and crib about Mr. Big, they will rather keep a sports channel on and have the chips and beers on the table and drink till they crash down in the same room.
  7. Never ever expect him to come to shopping with you without cribbing at all. Shopping is one thing they detest. Unless it is a gadget shopping. So if you are a lady who understands what RAM means in a phone or laptop and wants to take your guy out for shopping for a laptop, he will love it. But if you are someone like me, who loves to see her money hanging in her closet in the form of clothes, it’s best to keep your guy back at home and you rather go out with your bestie.
  8. Never ever expect him to say sorry and then NOT repeat the same mistake again. Oh come on, it’s a female’s mistake when she expects a guy not to cancel a pre-planned date for the guys drinking party that was planned on Friday, just after work.
  9. Never ever expect him to NOT be jealous of your gay guy friend from school. You have a gay guy friend from school who has come to India after a long time and you plan to meet him over coffee on a Saturday, and you just keep your guy updated about your plans. What do you expect him to do? Chill and start playing a car racing game on his phone? Well, even though you said the word GAY aloud he will just ignore the word and listen to the words GUY FRIEND. Girls, next time you can just tell him I am meeting a girl friend from school.
  10. Never ever expect him to come closer to you, while you are running behind him. Let him be. When you do that he will be yours. They would appreciate you running but certainly not behind them.

So girl’s let hide things, let’s do things our way and seriously let’s stop doing thing and then expect that your man would love or appreciate it. Live yours and let him live his. This way the love will increase for sure.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep loving yourself!

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