Early Morning Date

S was going to Kolkata a few months back. I had decided to drop S till the Railway Station, Confused soul offered to accompany me. I was happy with this gesture. S had booked a cab from work to the Railway Station, and the three of us was in the cab. Chatting all the way, obviously it was the first time my best friend and my boyfriend were together with me. They both are not fond of each other.

Anyway, we reached the station and waited for S’s dad. He and the train both had arrived, after seeing off S, I and Confused Soul decided to go to Churchgate Station and then take a local train to get back home. On the way, I told him about B. Merwans at Grant Road. I told him about all the amazing things you get to eat there and finally we both were tempted to get down at Grant road.

There we were seated in the Family area of the B. Merwans. He was appalled by the vintage look of the place. He had never been there and I was walking down the memory lane. We ordered, Tea and Bun Maska, then we again ordered Tea and Kadak Pav Maska, then we ordered Bread Omlette and Half Fry pav and Tea and then concluded with the hot Merwans Special Cake. We chatted for hours while having all this and we knew that we had to go to work that evening.

We hurriedly took the train to our place and reached home. Indeed this was one of the best dates with him. I always wished to take my guy to Merwans as this place I really close to my heart. My Dad and Mom used to go there on days they were really hungry. My dad used to love this place and my mom used to go there after Dad left us just to remember him. I remember my childhood was fun when Dad used to bring Merwans Cake back home from work.

I love this place and I am very sure, each one of you who goes there would love it.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving Yourself! keep Eating!

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