A Walk by the Beach

Beaches are usually close to all of us. I always had the dream of walking on the beach with my guy in the Night. When I had this on my Chaotic List, I thought it would never be done, however; it did happen and not just once. Confused soul and I had been to this place in Gorai. We were a little tipsy by the beer and the breeze. We were sitting on the rock by the beach and a group of Men were playing all the Kishore Kumar and Mohd. Rafi. It was just the moment that I always wished for. I told him, “I always wanted to walk by the beach with a guy in the night”. He smiled and then got up and climbed two rocks down and gave me his hand. I got up and held his hand, and got off the rocks. There I was on the beach sand. He held my hand and we started walking by the shore. He lit his cigarette and while doing so, he left my hand and I got a chance to go to the water, not deep inside but just till the point where my foot touched the sea.

I smiled when I saw him coming towards me in the water. He then told me, it’s best not to be longer in the water as I was drunk. We then decided to head back and on our way back we met the men who were singing songs. We sat by them, I requested for a song and they sang it. I could see a bit of jealousy in the eyes of Confused Soul, however; one of the older men in the group called me his Sister and that gave him the relief.

This was just a few months ago. Later we had a couple of instances walking by the beach, not only in Mumbai but also in Goa.

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