Happy Birthday Shrabani!

July is about to be over. So I decided before it’s off the calendar, I would publish this blog post on my Best Friend ‘S’. Well it’s her birthday month and I am supposed to dedicate one post to her. Most of the regular readers know that she is my best friend for the last 9-10 years. The truth is I have now lost the count of years and really need to count it on my fingers, which are right now busy – TYPING, obviously.


So this year, like the last 2 years, I guess, she had a blast on her birthday 9weekend). We both had applied for leaves and they got approved after a lot of convincing from my end and a little bit of lie here and there. Organizations, don’t really give 2 Team Leaders Leave on the same day from the same site! However, we were blessed this time as everyone knows, that we are friends for some 9-10 years.

18th July, 1990; on the monsoon day, a beautiful girl was born and her parents and elder brother were extremely happy (I am assuming), unaware that they have a little monster in their arms and in photographs. She went to school and hated it to the core.

She went to college and met an amazing monster. Till then these two monsters, weren’t aware that they are so much harm to the Male community of the World. Unaware of their secret powers, these two became best friends and it couldn’t be coincidence that they belonged to the same community and were extremely opposite in nature. Eventually, they themselves realized that they were Monsters, disguised in the body of Two Beautiful women. The main motto of their life was to LIVE IT and makes sure that no one – NO ONE would ruin it. They followed each other everywhere. Men were just attracted to them and if they weren’t these two monsters decided that they are attracted. In the end, Men were attracted.

After the Teenage phase, the Cancerian Monster and Arian Monster decided to take up jobs to support their families by sponsoring their own pocket money. They got into the same place and spent almost 2 years there. They decided to start working somewhere that can give them more salary after their graduation. They got selected at the same place. Eventually, they met a few more people and their inner monsters took Men on Ride. The Cancerian Monster had turned into an emotional monster and was turning into a human. They left this work place and joined the other one. The Cancerian Monster had almost turned into a human, while the Arian Monster was taking over the Hunt on the behalf of Cancerian Monster as well. After a while, the Cancerian Monster –turned Human realized her worth and her motive to be here on this planet and hence, she turned into a Monster again. Who could avoid such beautiful Monsters? They decided to to be away, ever! And here they are – Arian monster Writes a blog while the Cancerian Monster, makes sure to be the ONLY Reader and Critic.

Here was the story of me and my BFF “S”. Anyway, her birthday this year was turned into a nuisance because of me and I cannot be more apologetic than this. At times, I get out of control after a couple of drinks and at times I am standing on my foot even after 4 bottles of beers. Well her weekend birthday bash was one of those days, where my alcohol got on my head and ruined her birthday. Hence, I have decided to stop drinking. I have taken this oath of not drinking on 21st July, 2014. I need to check for One year, if I can go without alcohol. So let be it weddings (Cousins – Not mine!!!), get-together (Official and Personal), Date Night/Lunch, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, 6 month and 1 Year anniversary with the Confused Soul, My birthday, his Birthday, S’s Birthday or even a free drinking party – I AM NOT GOING TO DRINK.

Yet again, I would like to apologize to my Best Friend ‘S’ for spoiling her birthday party. Well happy Birthday again and hope you have amazing birthdays over and again…

Keep blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Loving Yourself! Avoid Drinking (A lot)!

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