Blast from the Past : Girl Voyage (2012)


I and S had decided to visit somewhere away from home. We weren’t sure where to go and what to do? W were on our way to Shirdi. This was back in 2012, when we were working with Intelenet. This was the first time ever, we left our house all by ourselves. We  got the last seat of the bus. we were kind of scared as there were Men besides us. however, we didn’t let this spoil our mood. We were playing the then trending song ‘Why This Kolaveri Di?’ We did had a few problems, just when the Helper of the Bus came to us and told us that he will arrange a different seat for us. We reached Shirdi, early in the morning. We were shivering and the cold was a tooth biting cold… felt the real WINTER in Shirdi… searched for the room and got that small room for the two of us. After freshening up we moved towards the temple and the line was gigantic and I do mean it… the moment we entered the Sai Baba temple, we were sure that they wouldn’t take the flower and the Prasad that we had bought but to my surprise they did take it and that was an amazing moment… left the temple, reached our room and left for lunch and did some foolish photography. this was the first, I had ever been out with no Ma and Bhai. This was amazing. I would want to go for another Girl Voyage! Let’s See when and where.

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