7 Things a Girl thinks before her First Kiss

7 Things a Girl thinks before her First Kiss with a Guy

I believe that every kiss with a guy is a first kiss and has to be special. No one would have a perfect kiss every time but still it’s there in the head that every kiss should be perfect. There are ample of things that girl thinks before going on a date, or when she knows she is going to kiss a guy.


1. Breath

Will my breath be OK? Will he have no bad breath? What if he doesn’t like my new toothpaste and mouthwash? Yeah teeth look pretty white; I should brush again before I leave for the date. I should carry my mouthwash, just in case. I should avoid too much of drinks and garlic.


2. Are my teeth crooked?

Mom always told me to get those braces on while I was a teenager.


3. I have nothing to wear

Oh I don’t have anything to wear. I shouldn’t be wearing something very revealing. I need to look sweet and cute. Or maybe I should wear my black dress and look hot. Does white make me look fat? Will yellow be a bit over the top? Okay, fine I will wear a black T-Shirt and blue jeans! ((Phew))


4. Will he kiss better than my ex?

What if he doesn’t know how to kiss me well? I hope he kisses me better than my Ex.


5. Will he go for the tongue?

Will he go for the tongue? I should avoid that or he might think otherwise. I think I should let it go…


6. Where should I put my hands?

It would look that I am attached if I hug him and look like I am in just for fun if I place it on his hips. It’s too awkward if I keep my hands to myself. It will get steamy if I place it on his neck.


7. Will my legs pop up?

Will it, how they show in the movies? Should I pop it up on purpose or will it just happen?




Well yeah that’s it! However, when it happens it is just magical. It is magical and special when you remember it in detail, it is more amazing when you remember nothing and have just the blurry images in front of you.


Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Loving! Keep Being yourself!

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