Hangover – The Mystery!

Today I can feel how the hangover guys feel in the movie, when they don’t know what exactly happened? I was out with my best friend’s family and extended family, and I was dead drunk. I don’t remember a thing that happened. But yeah I do know something happened that has pissed off people big time! My best friend told me that she will talk to me tomorrow and that obviously isn’t a good thing!


The problem with me drinking a lot is, I don’t remember what happened. Also I get too aggressive when people around me are trying to advice me for the good. Anyway, I am too direct about my feelings and that’s the problem. Anyway, all I remember is that I danced yesterday and got drunk with vodka, whiskey and 2 or 3 sips of beer. Remembering the night is perfect. I also remember having this conversation with my best friend’s cousin brother on my blog. I remember I met a friend from the Durga Puja Committee. As the night passed by and the sun struck the sky, I remember nothing at all. All I remember is that people were pissed off with me and my best friend’s brother was super pissed off. I also remember I drunk call my guy and spoke something. And I felt relived after talking to him. Later in the morning I remember going straight to sleep. I also went to my society meeting and spoke something that I can’t remember of. Ma says I spoke everything perfectly with no fumbling. In the evening after getting up, I saw my hand burnt. I don’t know how and when did I burn myself.


So all I need to know are two things –

–          How did I burn myself?

–          What happened that got everyone so pissed off?


Let’s see how will solve these two questions…! Ahh! Its Monday again tomorrow and I am pretty much not in the mood to go to work.


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One thought on “Hangover – The Mystery!

  1. Hey Mita, I had never seen your blog before. You are writing some good posts. As for drinking, well after years, I have finally given up (at least for now, 6 months and going strong), I’d advise not to mix up your drinks. Stick to one type of drink and drink water in between. You are less likely to pass out, get a hangover and more likely to remember things despite having had a great night out and being super drunk! 🙂


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