7 Reasons to be happily Attached!

Why is it lovely being attached to someone?


I recently went through an article over the net that said: ‘18 Reasons to Love Being Single’. I cannot deny the fact that being single has been the best part of my life, but, being in a relationship is not that bad either. So here are a few reasons why being in a relationship totally rocks!


1. You’ll never waste your Saturday sitting at home and watching a chick flick (unless you want it).

2. You get to fight, get angry and then be treated with ice-creams and chocolates.

3. You don’t have to be perfectly dressed every time you go out, as you already have the one besides you who has seen you in your Worse-Hair Day. So not every day you need to dress to impress.

4. You can go out drinking all night and not be found in a situation where you get up in an unknown bed, the next hangover morning, with some amazingly looking guy besides you with nothing on and then you thinking: ‘Did he use it or not?’. Rather you will be lying in his Tee in his bed and he sleeping besides you in his shorts.

5. There’s someone whom you need when you’ve had your worse day and he is there, just there to hug you, to listen to your crappy day details, to soothe your hyper angry mind, and then to kiss you when you are about to lose it completely.

6. You need to go to meet your friend and are not getting a rickshaw, call him, he will be there in 10 minutes with his bike and Ta-Da, and you reach the place on time.

7. Its early morning, and you’ve had a girl’s night out with vodka and are not in a mood to search for a rick to get back home – Text him and he will be there to pick you up.


I can think of these 7 reasons to be happily attached to the Confused Soul.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving! Keep being Loved!

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