Forever, is it?

How does it feel when you know you have someone not give you the love only through Skype and WhatsApp? Everyone needs a real love in their life and I am no different. I had a relationship prior which was a complete E-Relationship. We met on Orkut, continued our love through Facebook, had our daily conversation through WhatsApp and saw each other, every other day on Skype. I always thought that is the first love of my life, but I was just making myself happy with the illusionary relationship. It was never my first love. I had never been in love ever. Just that now I met my guy not on Facebook, but in the company transport. We met, our eyes met. He took the efforts to woo me. He took me out on a real date. We hardly talk on Facebook. We are constantly over the phone or we meet. I get to see him every day at work. Weekends are spent with him. He doesn’t have internet on his phone, so I have stopped using my social media, because when we are together, we talk.

He holds my hands, he kisses my forehead, and he makes fun of me and tells me how beautiful I look each day. I get jealous; he tries to convince me that he is just in love with me. We fight over petty issue and then love each other like crazy lovers. His absence is something I can’t bear and I am sure, he would miss me too when I am away. Every day meeting will be a dream, and weekends would be just another day without him. Not sure, if I will be able to manage the relationship without being too close to him. They say every relationship goes through many rough patches and distances come often. Well if this is the distance and the testing period – let’s go for it. This is the only real thing I have ever been in, so I guess I should be taking the efforts too, to keep this going the way it is.

After being away from him every day, meeting on weekends would be much more fun. I am awaiting a transfer from work and might be sent to another location, this is a drastic change – if it happens. It’s a ritual now, to have tea or juice with him the moment we both reach work. It is a habit to see him see me while I am working. It is a tradition to walk through his aisle to the cafeteria, just to make him remember of me. It’s a routine to spend time with him in the cab while going back home. After the 9 hour shift and 4 hours traveling, we both are very tired and it isn’t possible to meet the other every day after shift, also it’s not sensible. I am not sure, what changes will this transfer bring to my relationship with the Confused Soul, but I wish and hope to continue with him for a longer time. I hope this one’s forever.

Anyway, I saw this below video today and it is getting viral on Facebook, I can see. So sharing it here.


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6 thoughts on “Forever, is it?

  1. ahh we can’t put a stamp on the future unless we’ve seen it (which often times i wish i had the power to) 🙂 But.. I wish you the best of love..whichever way its meant to unfold and in the best interests of both. It is the thing that makes the world go ’round!


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