In Love… Reaally???

Many have asked me, “So how’s it not being Single anymore?” I tend to smile at this question. Honestly, I have no answer to this question. My mom asks me, “Are you seriously in love with him? Are you planning to marry him?” I just frown and leave the room. I don’t know how I fell for this guy. He doesn’t have a single checkpoint checked for him in my checklist. I am not sure if I actually love him or is it just the hotness of him that I am crazy for. He is a South Indian, works with me in the same organization but different process. He doesn’t say a single truth to me or even if he does it seems like a lie. He loves eating and that is something I love about him. He has his exes name tattooed on him – something I obviously hate. I don’t want him to tattoo my name but at least get rid of her name is the least I expect. He is protective at times over protective.

This one’s the first proper relationship I am in. So yes he is the lucky one – maybe! My ex..? He still haunts me. However, he isn’t an ex technically. He never proposed formally like this one did. Many people tell me that he isn’t good enough for me. People say that he got too lucky to have me. Some people feel I am in a relationship with him because I am unable to get over my ex. actually yes! I am yet not over my ex – he was the first one. I did have a couple of boys after my ex though but the guy I am dating now cracked the deal. He got a bonus and I said yes when he proposed. By the way he is the same guy I wrote about in THIS POST.

So the initial question – How’s it not being Single anymore?

Being single was like Freedom. It’s not that being in a relationship has taken the freedom away but when single it was just me I cared for now I do care for him. I could openly flirt with cute guys as a Single Woman but now I need to think before I flirt. I never got jealous while I was single, but now even the tattoo on his hand makes me jealous. As a single Woman my friends told me where the party was; now they ask me if I care to join with or without my guy. As a single woman it was always my best friend I went on break with – but now-a-days it’s him. It’s a good thing that there is something else other than my ex to think about, but still the truth is somewhere back of my mind, I hope and wish that my ex sees me with my guy and realizes what he has lost. I do love my boyfriend and I love the way he makes me happy. I love being in a relationship as much as I loved being Single!

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Loving! Keep Being Yourself!

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One thought on “In Love… Reaally???

  1. Being Single is a privilege… 🙂 but being in love is Awesome!


    if the person you are in love with reciprocates the same feelings, you are DAMN lucky…


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