To a Total Stranger…

So there is this someone whom I just know by name and face. I don’t know him, but know the darkest secret of his. He isn’t a friend, colleague or a love interest. He is just someone who travels with me every day in the same cab while coming back home. I know his name… (Did I just say that again…?) Let me be very clear that he ain’t a crush, but something very weird happened today.

Let me give you a brief picture of this guy. You know there is always this guy at work, who is good looking but doesn’t know it? Well this guy, let’s name him Confused Soul. So, Confused Soul is good looking, I feel so. He is usually quiet and I haven’t seen him talking a lot to the people around him. He is very intelligent and asks questions on Math and Science (things I know nothing about). He watches documentaries on how the earth revolves (I would prefer a Rom-Com anytime). Anyway is any one of you wondering why the name Confused Soul? He is Confused. Half the times he doesn’t know what he wants. I am being judgmental but I have been observing him for the last three weeks now. Confused Soul, has long hair, Indian Color, Good Height (taller than me is good enough of a height), he looks strong but lousy. Well that’s all that I have noticed physically about him. And yeah it might sound that I might have this small little crush on him but no he has just been the thing that has been disturbing me for a few days as I wanted to know why he is so confused. By the way, he has a dimpled smile.

Getting back to what happened today. It was three of us in the cab while coming back home. A guy was sitting next to the driver and busy talking to the driver, while me and Confused Soul were seated behind and started talking over the music that was been played. I am not sure what happened then but he started telling me his deepest secrets. Now these are some things that I won’t be sharing here on World Wide Web. However, it was strange for me because, while he was discussing and sharing his past with me, he must’ve told three times, “I haven’t discussed this with anyone. No one knows these things about me.” Yet, he kept on telling me his secrets. Now these were literally secrets, like one of those dark secrets from the dungeon of one’s life. Confused Soul gets the drop before me, so while leaving he said that fourth time, “I am really not sure why I shared those with you. Anyway Chalo Bye!” I smiled back and said, “Good Night!”


Half part of me says:

He is sad, depressed, lonely and really confused.

Other half says:

What if he is trying to play depressed, sad and lonely?


I am a very negative kind of person, so if someone is sweet to me I would wonder why the person is so sweet. I feel every person says or does something for a reason. Now in the case of Confused Soul, I am not sure if he has said it to get something or has he just said it like that. You know there are times when we are relieved after talking to someone we rarely know. Now this person, whom you don’t know, won’t judge you or give you suggestions on your life. Though Confused Soul got a lot of comments from me, but later I realized that he didn’t want to listen but wanted to speak his heart out. So I let him.

There are times, when you just feel like listening to someone talk. Yet again, he ain’t a friend, colleague or a love interest. He is just a guy there at work.  Whatever, today’s conversation with Confused Soul was I hope he felt relieved and will sleep peacefully. Maybe talking to me made him feel good. I am a good listener and today I have proved myself to a total stranger at work.

P.S.: In the conversation he did mention one thing that i can share here.He said he has seen me a year back in Andheri (a place in Mumbai) while I was Super Over-Weight! So now i know that he might have seen me before!

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3 thoughts on “To a Total Stranger…

  1. I have a very trustworthy face too, A lot of people have shared their deepest secrets. There are not mean, dirty, or bitchy ones, but usually bottleneck thoughts. Like you, I only listen and don’t put my point forward. I think some people just want to be heard.


  2. How strange that he decided to tell you all that. must be something about you – or his mood that day I guess. My deepest darkest secrets are all on my blog, not with any of my friends!


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