First Time I saw him…

Have you ever been in love? Most of us who are happily in love at this moment, would answer the question as yes, however, all those who have had heartbreak would yell No for an answer. If you ask me the most dreaded question by all the Singles, I would gladly say yes! I have been in love, many times. But there was this one man I still think of almost every day. He was a jerk. Even today, I know he is the man who instantly brings smile on my face and profanity on my lips.

We went apart on a rough note and are not friends anymore. However, he is one of those men who gives me goose bumps and makes me erotic instantly. He isn’t a superstar or some hot model that walked through the runway. He isn’t an office crush or some childhood sweetheart. But he was my Teenage Crush. Now, we all know what impact a teenage crush has on a girl’s mind.  He had that effect on me. And I met him when I was 18.

He isn’t the best looking man. He was round and fatter than me then. He spoke well and dressed casual. He was a womanizer and that was attractive for me. WHY? I am one of those Mills and Boons readers who believe in True Love. On our first date we went to a movie. But that wasn’t the first time I met him rather saw him. I had seen his pictures on Orkut, but I did see him once in real before our date.

It was a winter morning and like any other day I was standing at the bus stop waiting for my bus to college. I saw a car halting by the signal and my eyes fell on the man sleeping in the seat next to the driver. That was the moment I knew it was him and just fell in love with him. Though I hate him more than anyone now, but then I was in love and can’t deny the fact how cute he looked while sleeping. That was it. That was when I knew what kind of a person I will be spending my life with. He was a man, working, spoke well, foodie, and respected the creative people, loved music, had a carefree attitude, and moreover looked at me as if he really loved me.

That was the day I knew I wanted him. Now as I grew and we went apart and are not in talking terms, I am still sure as to what kind of a person I want to spend my life with. He has to be exactly the same like him just minus the Womanizer part and ignorant part. Rest he was just next to perfect.

I know this post is very lame and means nothing and is hopeless as it can bring me closer to him and make me think of him every now and then. But as they say to say Goodbye to the Old you need to think of it one last time. Well this is that! The last time I mention about him, the last time I think of him, the last time I picture him, the last time I write about him, the last time I hope he was there with me. Every goodbye brings a new Hello they say. Awaiting the new Hello! And I am sure the New Hello will be better and hotter and perfect!

On that note would like to tell all those pathetic people like me who still are not over their ex yet: Forget him/her. It is way too difficult but it is the most beneficial.

How am I going to forget him? By not trying to forget him but by not thinking of him. The more I try to forget him, the more I will miss him. And it might sound funny coming out of my mouth but working out harder will let me forget him for sure. I am no more into the phase where I need deserts to get back to normalcy after a harsh breakup. I am now the girl who will go out in the morning for a quick jog or do some work out at home if I start missing him.

Who knew a break up can actually make you healthier!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving yourself! Keep Running!

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2 thoughts on “First Time I saw him…

  1. hahahahaha….getting over someone takes time…but you eventually will. There are so many hotter beings around, why waste our precious time on the losers who could not have us, lucky them who will 🙂


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