Year Ending Diary: 5 Ways to know that you’re just not that into him

Has there been a moment in your life where you have been crushing and lusting over a guy and once he is into you, you’re not?

2013 was that year for me in the relationship context, where I met the boys whom I liked initially and then left them because I realized I wasn’t into them, anymore. Obviously, your Inner Goddess yells, “You’re not into him…” But apart from listening to her there are 5 other ways to know you’re just not into him.


A lot to know about HIS Friends:

There might be times when you’ve asked him more than five times about his Best Friend. Girl, this so show that you’re just not into him but maybe into his friend – NOW!

Play a game before a date:

For some yes playing games can be a stress reliever before a date but seriously? I would play game before a date if I am not at all interested in the date. I might just stick around the desktop and play Candy Crush before my date.

Friends with Benefits:

When you tell him that you don’t want a relationship because you know he wants it and will get serious, rather you give him a suggestion of being in a Friends with Benefits relation because you know he wont agree to it.

You don’t reply to his Messages:

You start avoiding his calls and don’t reply to his messages. This is when your brain and heart co-ordinates and tells you that you are just not into him,


You say ‘yes’ to some other guy who asks you out. Who does that? Why will one do that? Well this happens when you completely know you’re not into him.


These are the 5 Ways to know that you’re just not that into him. I have had a couple of guys this year with who I realized that I am just not into them.

Happy Holidays to all my Friends and Readers!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Smiling! Keep Enjoying!

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