Year Ending Diary: 2014 Super-Small Bucket List

The coming year 2014, I have a very small bucket list, literally. It is one of those beach toy buckets, you know?

5 things I am planning to put in my 2014 Bucket List:

Read at least 12 books in the whole year:

I have lately kept reading and writing in the back burner which is wrong but again work is keeping me too busy.


This has been waiting for the whole year now. I have got the design finalized at last. Now what’s remaining is the place where I want to get it done from and where exactly I want to get it done. Hope to get this done by the end of 2014.


Maintain the weight loss regime:

I have lost weight tremendously. I was 85 Kg and now I am around 65 Kgs. So 20 Kgs down and I look more amazing. I hope to maintain this weight for the whole of 2014 or maybe lose another 10 Kgs.


Visit Goa:

Being to Goa is one of my biggest things I am trying to do since a long time. I would want to go to Goa and do everything I don’t do – Like wear a Shorty shorts on the beach with beer in one hand and book in the other. I would want to get drunk and then wake up and ask, “Where the effing hell, am I?”


Date a guy:

I have never been in a proper relationship, maybe because I have this phobia of Relationships. But in 2014, I would want to date someone good, someone classy and the one who matches my standards.


This is my very very very small 2014 Bucket List. Let’s see how many of these will I be able to do.


Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Keep Seeing Dreams! Happy Holidays Readers!

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5 thoughts on “Year Ending Diary: 2014 Super-Small Bucket List

  1. Thank you for the link. I love your bucket list and wish you all the very best in 2014! Congrats on the weight loss, that’s motivation and I’m sure you will find a classy guy:) xxx


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