Year Ending Diary: Roundup 2013!


Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving.

2014 is just a month away and here comes the last month of the year and the best one too – December! 2013 has been a roller coaster ride and I can’t deny the fact that it is been amazing. Ups and downs were the theme of 2013 and it has gracefully fulfilled the theme.

2013 has made me a much stronger person. The girl who was called as the ‘Cry Baby’ didn’t cry even after a Four year Relation coming to an end rather 2013 has made me realize how to deal with a broken heart. Every year I have made New Year’s Resolution with One common resolution each year for the past some years – ‘Losing Weight’. Finally in 2013 it has been fulfilled and yes I am now officially a ‘No more a fat’ girl. 2013 made me realize that I am a shopaholic and also helped me come over it.

My blog has more secrets been disclosed publicly than my friends actually knowing them. So here’s a roundup of my life so far in 2013.

The relationship in real was turned into a ‘Cyber Relationship’ because ‘the ex boy’ was moved to a far off country. However, things on cyber go flop (personal experience). So the crush that I maintained for the last four years came to an end in 2013. Best part was it didn’t make me cry at all. It was bound to happen, things were already dead, and I just kept it alive (unnecessarily). Finally, for the good it came to an end. As they say ‘every book should end’.

This year on my birthday, my BFF (Best Friend Forever) arranged for a 7 gifts Birthday for the 7 years we’ve been together. It was sweet and I had the best of gifts ever! Girls love new things and I was no different.

I had fights with good friends over a petty thing. They didn’t say sorry neither did I. That was the end of one beautiful friendship. As they say ‘Nothing’s permanent in life’.

I was been moved to a new sub-process at work which was pathetic, but who knew that would have something in store for me.

I was promoted as the Team Leader along with my best friend and we celebrated like mad.

Thanksgiving – The four day long weekend made me consume so much of Alcohol that I am almost bored of drinking.

I bought a sizzling Silver mini dress for an office party (I am so not sure how are people going to deal with it). Not my types at all. But I tried it and it beautifully showed my curves, my best friend gave a nod and I fell in love with myself and the Vero Moda Dress. Oh yeah it is a Vero Moda! Another first…

I had the best late night date with a work colleague and I can’t deny the fact that it was also the best bike rides ever.

All I am waiting for now is 7th December – it’s my office party and I might get felicitated for being the new Team Leader. And I will be wearing my Vero Moda Dress and goes perfectly with the theme of the party that is – ‘Masquerade Theme’.

Last but the best – I lost weight tremendously. I gave up on my favorite food like Rice, Chocolates, Sweets, Ghee, Potato, Fried items etc. I am still working hard to get more 8kgs down but still I am happy with my current weight.

This was pretty much a little that happened in 2013. All I am now waiting is for 2014 to arrive and see what’s in store for all of us.




Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Smiling!

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