Dream Come True!

Did I ever mention on the blog that I have applied for an IJP at work? Ahh I guess I haven’t… well yeah I had applied for an IJP for the post of a Team Leader at work. And guess who the new Team Leader at work is??? Hell yeah! It’s me and my BFF. We both got through.

This entire thing was silent for too many days rather weeks and finally the cat is out of the bag. It was the Miss Universe Moment for me (I am sure you’ll know what I mean). Ohh yeah I cried. I cry for silly reasons, this was a reason where I had to cry and I did. It is a proud moment for my mom to tell all the relatives that her daughter is now the Team Leader of a Mortgage Company. I didn’t steal that moment from her. I did ask her to inform all the relatives and after she was done informing people from Kolkata, Mumbai, US and Dubai – I updated my status on Facebook.

This is one of the many dreams I have and now I can proudly say that I am the new Team Leader of my company and most probably will be handling a team of boys. Though my BFF and I will now be miles apart. Still we will be in touch through internal phones at work and mails. And outside work we are always connected via WhatsApp and Facebook.

This is a big deal for both of us and this position means so much to us. I am proud of us as we achieved this position in the span of 18 months. Not bad at all! I already celebrated with my family today and tomorrow with my BFF and her other BFF.

The whole day I was singing two songs… Well sharing the video below.




P.S.: I am eagerly waiting to watch Ram-Leela. I am planning to go there tomorrow and then again next weekend.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Dreaming!

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2 thoughts on “Dream Come True!

  1. Congratulations! I had read your post but couldn’t leave a comment from my smartphone and I was travelling! Good wishes to you. You are young, you are ambitious, you have a hell lot of dreams and you have the Bong eyes… nobody can stop you! Love:)


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