NaBloPoMo: How ‘Sticky’ are the ‘Notes’?

Post 7.: How ‘Sticky’ are the ‘Notes’?

I wanted to be a writer since I was in school. Unfortunately, in India, writing isn’t considered to be a job unless you are paid royally for it. Hence, my dream career of being a writer remains a dream that I fulfill by writing petty blog posts here. Anyway, I haven’t been disciplined enough to write a post every day though I am a part of the NaBloPoMo, but I have managed to get posts every alternate days (most of the time).


Anyway, did you’ll know that there is this thing on Windows known as ‘Sticky Notes’ that we can use on our desktops – like virtual sticky notes. I have two of them right now on my desktop – One for the posts I have to write – Second for the things that I have to save money for.


These are really convenient. I didn’t download a thing. if you already know about these just read through and laugh at me, but if you are not that Tech Savvy as me then read it through and you can use them too. You can use different colors by the way.


All you need to do is –

Click on the ‘Start’ Icon on the extreme left down side or just tap your finger on the ‘Windows’ button on your keyboard. (If you don’t know what the Windows button is – in a Microsoft Keyboard it’s between Ctrl‘ and ‘Alt on the left hand side of the keyboard). If you didn’t get it yet just look at the picture that I have placed below.

windows button

Once you have tapped on the Windows button or clicked the Start icon, you can simply type ‘Sticky Notes’ in the search option and Voila! You can now keep those small notes for yourself or your loved ones.

Start Icon

Sticky Notes


Here are the Print Screens that can help you, maybe! You’ll can always write to me for any issues on

I tend to get ideas for posts at anytime while surfing through the net and I forget them, hence I make a note of whatever topic comes to my mind. Also to not turn into a Certified Shopaholic, I need to remind myself to not buy things – so I have a Sticky note for that too. There are something’s that are out of my budget and I am not into the credit card thing, so need to save money for a few things, all those things are there on another Sticky Note.

Also, at times I keep one of these notes for my brother if I have to remind him something related to the desktop, like getting a new Headphone or getting the Desktop Table cleaned blah-blah-blah!


This is how my desktop looks with the sticky notes! The White and Pink Sticky Notes are for you’ll by the way!


Well this is it. This is something I use religiously and this keeps telling me what things I have to do next.

Anyway, today was a busy day and I couldn’t do much of the talking part at work I usually talk to people once I am done with my work. Most of the talking I do is nothing but advices that I give people who need them. You can call me a counselor, but yeah I do love giving advices to people especially with the communication part. Isn’t it always good to share your knowledge? Well on that note let me wish you all a lovely night (for those sleeping) and a lovely day (for those who are going to rush to work after reading this post)

P.S.: I place the Sticky notes on the Desktop’s Desktop! (I am sure you’ll got it)

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep doing something out of your genre!

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